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Are you frustrated with your day job?


Do you feel you are meant for something more, and, know you want a way out?


Are you not quite sure where to begin, what to do, or how to do it?

If you are seeking clarity, this is for you!

Let me help you illuminate your next steps.


What You Get:


60 mins of phone discussions to get you less stressed and moving to the next step to craft a life you love. 


  • Pre-call questionnaire and info gathering form to complete online! This way, we can be super focused when we talk live. 

  • 45 minute phone call: Reducing your stress and immediate solutions toward crafting an escape plan. Tarot card reading for your very “next step” to provide additional intuitive guidance.

  • Customized action plan and tool kit sent after our call.

  • 15 minute follow up call after two weeks of implementation and learning, to provide support and encouragement, and answer any questions.







Gain insight and illumination in a Clarity Call. 
Focused time on what's stressing you out, a customized action plan and additional support.

I'll ask you key questions and provide information and solutions to getting unstuck and more clear on where you are and what your next steps might be. 

I can help you figure out where you are in the process of moving from soul sucking job to life fulfilling purpose.

I can point you in the right direction for next steps and inspiration.

I will send you a follow up email after our call that will be chock full of ideas and resources to help you with your journey from stressed out corporate worker to living a passion-filled life.


We might be a good fit to work together in my Make A Plan 30 day program, or, I may send you to one of my many friends and colleagues who have special gifts to share. 

Once you book a Clarity Call, I'll send you the pre-call questionnaire and info gathering form, and, potential appointment times.


We'll work together to illuminate your next step!

"Emily Otto is an astute, thoughtful, and deeply empathetic individual. She is attentive to her clients and provides knowledgeable guidance that only practiced and well-read professionals can do. It is easily evident that she cares passionately about her subject material, her connection to her clients, and making a positive difference in this world. If you are reading this, take the plunge and open yourself to change." - Alyssa, Clarity Call Participant

"Emily is an absolute gem! I took one of her workshops, and her experience, knowledge, and genuine beautiful energy have given me such hope and happiness for what's to come on my journey." ~ Yoshimi, Workshop Participant