Welcome to your Corporate Rebelle-ution!


It’s an online adventure club to help get less stressed during your 9-5 job while you craft your business in the world. 


Through a Facebook group, you’ll receive coaching and cheerleading from me to support you while you work a full time job (and maybe raise a family) so that you can craft your purpose driven work with clear focus. 

You’ll engage with me and other Corporate Rebelles to create, share and up-level your goals and inspiration to take clear actions toward quitting your job and aligning with purpose driven work.

Corporate Rebelle-ution is a virtual club to help you take strategic action on your ideas, without adding stress and overwhelm, so that you can do work that lights you up. 

This is for you if...

You want to quit your day job, but you think it might “be awhile”, and still want to move your plans forward. You want action but aren't ready for one on one attention and investment.


You want accountability for making your plans, staying on track and starting your business.


You’ve been through my Make a Plan program and would additional support and coaching, but aren’t ready for a one on one custom program right now.


As a result of this program you'll...

See what other people are doing, and how, so you can feel inspired and get ideas on your unique action steps.


Understand more about how to start your own business, while working full time, so you can transition to only doing work you love.

Make incremental and sustainable progress toward your goals to do work that matters to you while tolerating your day job, paying off debt and saving cash for your big leap.

What You’ll Get...

Private Facebook Group

I’ll guide you through your ideas on how to quit your job, start your business, and transition from side hustle to self employed, in addition to nuts and bolts quitting problems (money, health insurance, what do I do if I don’t do this job…)

30 minute Quitting Outline Session

This is not available any other way, valued at $99, just for signing up! Jump on a 30 minute call with me to help outline your debt payoff, savings strategy and business road map to craft your unique Quitting Outline.

SOS: Successful Office Survival

A six module course on how to thrive during your 9-5 so you can have the clarity and calm to focus on creating your own work in the world (valued at $222, not available anywhere else).


How to Quit Your Job and Do What You Love

Video training series (valued at $25) to help you figure out the nuts and bolts of quitting your job to do what you love. 


Your Corona Inspired Quitting Plan

Recorded webinar, to help you figure out how to leave your job during a pandemic and finally focus on your family, friends and work you love (valued at $25).

If I don’t do this job, what do I do?

Recorded webinar, so that you can see your potential new work options and select the one that fits your desired lifestyle (valued at $25).


Access to ALL live webinars!

Get open access to all webinars Corporate Rebelle produces for as long as you’re a club member (valued at $25 ea, usually happening once a month!).


Pop-up Mini Workshops

Random and fun mini live workshops so that you can learn more about how to balance work, play and family.

Weekly Q&A posts and Facebook Live streams.

Weekly accountability Check-Ins

These touch points will help you meet your goals and move your biz forward.

Weekly Personal Tarot Card Guidance

Receive weekly personal readings (valued at $120 ea month, not available anywhere else) to help you feel grounded and sure of your next step.

Special introductory Summer 2020 Bonuses! 

Available through August!

Inspiring Quitting Stories ebook so that you can read others’ stories on how they quit their jobs to do work they love and see what’s possible for you.

Anti-Anxiety E-kit Bundle to help you stress less and feel more calm and capable of meeting your goals and doing work you love.

Access to one on one, one hour coaching calls with Emily at a rate of $111 for focused guidance and support. This call is not available in any other program. Available to book any time during your membership.

When you join the Corporate Rebelle-ution eclub, you’ll have immediate access to actionable tools and coaching support to move your work forward in the world.


The total value of the program, for just month one of enrollment, is over $500!


All this awesome for just $44 a month - less than your monthly gym membership or audiobook + movie subscription, or as one amazing client said, “that’s less than I pay for coffee, and, you don’t give me a caffeine headache!” Hah!


You can choose a monthly subscription or you can pay in full for one whole year at a special discounted rate of $444 and receive two additional complimentary 30 minute coaching sessions to be used throughout the year!

Join the Corporate Rebelle-ution today and start taking action to do work you love.

Joyful Clients with Great Results


Sybil, Teacher

Emily is amazing.


She walks you through a step-by-step system for transitioning from working for someone else to working for yourself.


She’s really great at holding your hand when you need it.


She also one who LIVES her brand, which gives her great credibility.


I highly recommend working with Emily


Dana, Project Manager

Emily has been so amazing to work with!

I had no idea what I wanted to do next but with all of her helpful tools and resources, I am finding direction and a way forward.

An amazing benefit to this work has been exploring more about who I am and how I can put myself out into the world.

Emily has been nothing but patient, knowledgeable, and innovative (I’m sure I am missing many other adjectives) with her coaching, I would highly recommend her!



Marketing Director

I felt like Emily really understood me as a person, what my values are and what I was trying to accomplish, she also had some great ideas and was positive and encouraging.

The benefits of working with Emily were some structure and flow to everything that is on my 'to do list', positive energy and creative ideas.

I would definitely recommend working with Emily!