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Craft a Life You Love

A three month mentorship program

Dear Burned-Out, Closet-Mystic, Corporate Worker,


If you are reading this, then you are likely trapped in what I call The Corporate Stress Theme Park.

The only way to escape your corporate-theme-park life is to turn around, face away from the park, find a destination you want to get to, and then move toward it.


I’d like to help you get out for good.

I should warn you that this is a long love letter. It is crafted to help you get a clear sense of where you are, and how to get out, and feel better. I would recommend taking your time getting through it. Or, you can skim and jump around to the parts that matter to you. 


What is the Corporate Stress Theme Park?


Let me tell you a story…

Imagine that you are looking for work.


You end up going to a theme park with friends. You see a roller coaster and well… it looks exhilarating. Why not? So you pay your money, get on and off it goes.


You’re laughing and screaming the whole time. It’s a shot of adrenaline that makes you feel more invigorated and alive. 


As you pull in at the end, the person working it says, “Want to go again?”


Well… why not?


“You know,” they say. “We’re actually hiring people to ride the roller coaster. Studies show that if people see someone riding the roller coaster, they’re more likely to want to ride.”


You could be paid to ride a roller coaster? Yes, please!


That’s solution #1: You get a job. Problem solved. But wait...


But, of course, the second time isn’t as fun as the first. You don’t feel so great after.  


The third time even less so. But you are being paid, so there’s that.


By the end of the day, what was once fun is now grinding you down and wearing you out. 

Spending all your time and energy on the roller coaster is starting to become a problem.


“No more roller coaster for me!” you say and ask around the theme park if any other rides are hiring riders. 

That’s solution #2: You get off the stressful roller coaster.  Problem solved. But wait…


You ride the teacups but those get boring really quickly. You check out the fun house but that is terrifying and disconcerting. After awhile, you’re sick of them too. 


You walk around the theme park and try the meditation garden and a nifty yoga class. Ah, that feels good. 


That’s solution #3: You de-stress yourself. Problem solved. But wait...


Eventually, you have to get back on a ride, in order to get paid. 


But you don’t wanna ride any of the rides any longer. You want to escape the stress theme park. You use your vacation time and take a break. You go to the Bahamas for a week, since, that’s all the paid vacation time you have. Woohoo! You come back refreshed.


That’s solution #4: You get away from it all. Problem solved. But wait...


After a few weeks, back at the theme park, you feel sick again. Ugh.


Your routine is to go to work and come home. Home is a sanctuary. Home starts to feel like a recovery center. You make dinner, zone out to Netflix, sleep and repeat the day all over again. You live through the theme park week patterns - the depressing Monday, the humpday Wednesday and the Thank God It’s Friday (TGIF). When will this end? 


You want to exit, but you aren’t sure how. 


Even going home isn’t a solution. Home is next to the theme park. In fact, your neighborhood is basically owned and was built by the people who run the theme park. They live right next to you and they are stuck in the same exact cycle that you’re stuck in. You know there must be other exits and options, but the only one you can see is “quit” which isn’t going to work for you. 


You can’t afford to quit.


There are no exit signs. 


So you drive out of your neighborhood in search of other work. 

That’s solution #5: You look for some kind of way out. Problem solved. But wait…


In the end, you get so lost and turned around and it takes so long and costs so much staying in motels along the way that you need to head back home to go back to that theme park job you hate. 


You feel trapped. 


And you are out of solutions. 


What now?

I see many corporate workers trapped in this dynamic. Trapped in the idea that the corporate theme park is the only way to live. It isn’t. 

The only true way out of your corporate-theme-park life is to turn around, face away from the park, find a destination you want to get to, and then move toward it.

Ah… but it’s not so simple.


What I’m about to share could be useful to you if…


  • You work a super stressful corporate job somewhere in America

  • You have quit a job or two but don’t feel better. You still feel trapped

  • You've had a panic attack or two and know what it is to be completely overwhelmed and stressed out and you want solutions.

  • You go to bed with a “to-do list” in your head and you wake up crafting a new one. 

  • You find yourself worrying over your worries

  • You have noticed your body’s reaction to the stress of life in corporate america. Maybe you have trouble sleeping, digestive issues, or, have migraines or strange body aches or illnesses, even autoimmune disorders.

  • You have absolutely NO TIME for anything extra and are running yourself ragged on the daily. However...

  • You are ready to take action and change in small meaningful ways, daily, from the moment you hit “go” and commit to working with me. This could look like 15 minutes a day or perhaps a 1-3 hour block each week. 

  • You are interested in prayer, meditation, tarot, oracle cards or astrology and are intrigued by the idea of exploring divine guidance and inspiration.

If that all seems like it’s a fit, download my eBook to learn about how this Corporate Stress Theme Park exists in real life, and read on to learn more about how I can help.

The only thing that will actually help in the long term is making a plan to get off the roller coaster and out of the theme park. 

You desperately want to escape not only from your job but from the corporate theme park entirely. And yet you see no way out. There is too much confusion and you aren’t sure where the exits are or how to get there. 


This happened to me too.

My Story:


I first encountered the Corporate Stress Theme Park when I was working my first HR job out of college, a temporary position for $13/hr, and trying to pay off my student loans and rent an apartment and support myself and a partner. When I got hit with just one more bill, it felt like the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back or the last snowfall that started the avalanche. 


I started working out and moving my body. I started binging on Netflix. I went for walks on the weekends. I cleaned my house obsessively. I started drinking more alcohol. I used all of the regular hacks to beat back the stress and anxiety. 


But it didn’t work. 


I took different jobs at different companies with different scopes of work. I learned and studied side passions like yoga, Shiatsu bodywork and stress reduction techniques. No matter what I did, in my free time, I still felt anxious and burned out. 


The stress kept coming back. Again and again. Some “fire drill” - needing information or a project done immediately and at top priority - would happen at work. This created a fast heart rate in my body, slow and stagnate breathing patterns, anxiety and touchiness and a biting commentary response to anything someone asked me to do. 


I was super stressed out. 


I’ve been in Corporate America, Human Resources and Recruiting, for 15 years and I have seen the insane amount of stress and anxiety it can drive into people.​

There is a way to opt out of corporate america. For good. It is simple, but can be difficult, and it requires practice. 

So how do we finally get off of the Stress Roller Coaster? 


You need a map and a compass you can trust so that you can find your exit.

Honing the Compass

A compass can guide you out of the park. You need a compass that can find YOUR True North. Everything in the park is twisty turny; the park is not designed to help you leave. You need to trust yourself so that you know when the exit signs you see are real exits from the corporate system. 


This compass is divine guidance and trusting your gut. Trusting your internal orientation to the world. Learning how to tune in and work with your intuition will help you reconnect to your essence and trust your sense of True North. 

Reading the Map

Once you know which direction to go, you need a map in order to figure out how to get out of the park. 


This map needs to come from someone who has been there and done that, someone who has rode the rides and walked around the park, who has taken the vacations and gone back into the whole thing. 

I have been there, and done that. I know where the true exits are. Let me give you a map you can trust.

Together, we will get you out and keep you out of the theme park. For good. 

My invitation to you:
Let’s work together for 3 months to get you calm, craft your compass and create a real exit plan out of Corporate America. 

My Invitation To You:


Let’s work together for 3 months to get you calm, craft your compass and create a real exit plan out of Corporate America. 


This program helps a person go from working a 9-5 job they hate, to creating a believable plan to quit their crummy day job and focus on their passions. It takes them from stressed out and anxious and to calm, and collected and excited about their sense of purpose and direction.


How do we do that?


We will spend three months of intensive work together in order to craft anyour exit plan that is unique to you, your life and your dreams. 


If you’re ready to work together for three months of empowering stress reduction techniques and quitting plan crafting, click the button below for your first month! 


After three months of working together, you will have:


Real, easy to use tools to help you feel less stressed and anxious both at home and at your 9-5 day job.


A solid, actionable plan to quit your job and live a life you love.


Confidence in your quitting plan, and, in your ability to change it as your dreams, desires and goals change.


I charge just $500 a month, for three months of intense, supportive mentorship. That's only $1,500 to help you finally get less stressed and make a serious and strategic action plan to quit your job and live a life you love.

​This program is one on one attention and care to help you get out of the corporate trap and into a life filled with purpose and passion.


You will get 15 years of experience in corporate america and a lot of “been there, done that”, saving you time and money, stress and frustration. 


You will feel fully supported and capable to craft your own plan to get out and do what you love.


You will have more quality time with your friends and family.


You will have an exceptional tool kit to manage stress, anxiety and to execute your plan to get out of the corporate stress theme park.

The 13 things you will get from this program:

1. Bi-weekly 10 min on the way to/from work calls. (12 total): Supportive check in calls. 


2. Monthly one on one 45 min video discussions (6 total): Intensive connection to deep dive into your “quitting plan” and address pain points.


3. Voxer availability and check in: Voice walkie-talkie check ins available at any time, response given within 24 hours of message received.

4. Worksheets and customized goals, developed by me, with input from you. These worksheets guide you through the process with clear questions and actions to craft and work the plan.

5. Divination and Guidance: Natal chart astrology reading and three tarot card readings to be used throughout the program when you need guidance or a boost of insight.

6. Customized Yoga Practices (3 total): Curated yoga, meditation and breathing sequences for your 5 minute, 15 minute and 30 minute practices to help ground and refocus.


7. Personalized meditation recordings: Short, customized audio to support you in your journey from feeling stressed out and frustrated to blissed out and calm.

8. A unique goal tracking spreadsheet to reduce your debt, change your bills and get a kickass debt to income ratio. This will help you create pay down debt, create a savings account and truly leap from your day job.


9. A set of physical, hard copy book resources with hand selected quotes and pages to help guide you through your journey of feeling less stress and quitting your corporate job.

10. Bi-weekly email support and prompts (12 total): Touch base via email for support on goals and actions, stress and anxiety support and life coaching.

11. Monthly group conference calls: Corporate Rebelles can share their projects and progress, ask questions and support each other.

12. A private Facebook group for all Corporate Rebelles to share, vent and ask for help, with weekly LIVE Q&A sessions.


13. Access to all of my ebooks and guided meditations: All of my currently published works.


This program is intended to help guide you through the pitfalls of making a plan to do what you love. It is meant to be an intense partnership, I will be supporting you every week during our three months together.


Are you ready to get less stressed so that you can quit your crummy job and focus on doing what you love?


If this feels like a fit, click below to start your mentorship program now: