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A 30 day program to reduce your stress and craft a quitting plan

Dear Friend,


If you are reading this, then there’s a chance are you are a stressed out corporate worker.


And the panic attacks have begun.  


You’re working more than “full time”...paying your rent and feeding yourself and others...paying down on a car, medical bills and student loans...and one more bill comes in the mail. You open it and feel your heart start to beat double time. You lose your breath. Your vision gets blurry and you have to grab a seat before passing out. You feel a huge, heavy weight on your chest and like you just can’t “win” or get out from under it all.


This happened to me.


I was working my first HR job out of college, a temporary position for $13/hr, and trying to pay off my student loans and rent an apartment and support myself and a partner. When I got hit with just one more bill, it felt like the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back or the last snowfall that started the avalanche. I started working out and moving my body. I started binging on Netflix. I went for walks on the weekends. I cleaned my house obsessively. I started drinking more alcohol. I used all of the regular hacks to beat back the stress and anxiety.

But it didn’t work.


The stress kept coming back. Again.


I would try to stick to healthy habits - regular exercise, journaling, meditation apps and yoga classes - but after a few weeks I would slip back under the stress and anxiety. This spiral of stressful times, calm coping skills, and more stressful times had me reeling more than the anxiety alone. Until I started studying and practicing real tools that helped me change the loop, and, crafted a quitting plan.

I’d like to offer you an invitation to take the next 30 days to get real, hands-on skills to stop the stress and make a quitting plan outline

Too often do we go from ‘everything is fine’ to ‘OMG! it’s all on fire’ in seconds.


Work with me for just one month and, with some intensive (but not overwhelming) work, you’ll learn unique, easy and fast ways to reduce your stress and stay focused on what matters.


You have tried to find balance in work, home life and self care for years.

You have tried to be productive and happy.

And yet still, you find yourself on the verge of a panic attack at work and life.






















I’m Emily. I’ve been in Corporate America, Human Resources and Recruiting, for 15 years and I have seen the insane amount of stress and anxiety it can drive into people.

During my career, I've learned many ways to transform and rework that stress and find ways to thrive and enjoy what I'm doing.


I've worked for a lot of different companies and it’s the same stressful game everywhere. There's a boss. There's employees. There are intense good days and crazy tight timelines. There's that POS software your company made up in the 1980s and still uses today.


Here’s what I learned: There will ALWAYS be stress at a job. The only thing we can do is to change our own mindset and tools and GEAR UP for the work.


Capitalistic Corporate American in 2019 is a freaking crazy-making place to live. You’re expected to DO IT ALL. And if you don’t...it’s your fault for not doing good enough.


Nope. I don’t buy that shit. And you shouldn’t either!

You aren’t to blame for the amount of things you’re supposed to juggle. But, that doesn’t make the things - family, job, play - any less stressful!


You're here, you're IN IT...so how can we make it a bit easier on you? That's been my thought process for the last FIVE years!


If I’m choosing to be in it, how do I learn to "play the game" and thrive?


You and I will work on crafting unique, hands-on and REAL solutions to managing your stress. Those solutions will consist of daily practices, meditations, movement, phone calls, emails and MUCH more to get you feeling less stressed and anxious and more at ease with your day to day!







This program is for you if...

- you are ready to take action and change in small meaningful ways, daily, from the moment you hit “go” and commit to working with me.

- you work a super stressful corporate job somewhere in America in 2019.

- you've had a panic attack or two and know what it is to be completely overwhelmed and stressed out and you want solutions.

- you've tried yoga, meditation and mindfulness techniques and they help but just can't *stick* for you.

- you have absolutely NO TIME for anything extra and are running yourself ragged on the daily.

- you go to bed with a “to-do list” in your head and you wake up crafting a new one.

- you find yourself worrying over your worries.


It also wouldn’t hurt if…

- you're into herbalism, spirit plant medicine, or nonviolent communication techniques.

- you love moving - CrossFit, dance, working out, lifting weights, karate.

- you have a big heart and maybe you’ve even been told you are “too emotional” at work.


This program isn’t for you if…

- “woo woo” isn’t your jam (energy work, spirit stuff, etc)

- you feel completely calm and at ease at work and life.

- you aren’t ready to take action from the moment you hit “sign up”

- Everything is AWESOME


You know how to stop being stressed - more time, more money and less insanity. Sure, that’s a great idea...but here we are...living, working and attempting to play while working a 9-5 in America in 2019. Insanity. Ridiculous. Chaos. I can help you calm the waves and stop the spiral.


I’ll show you how to get a bandaid on the bleeding wound so that you can STOP the spiral of stress and THEN get things in order and back on track.

I promise:

- We won’t make another damn checklist so that you can have one MORE thing you didn’t click off today.

- We’ll stop creating more stress in your life, without taking up time you didn’t have in the first place.

- Together, we’ll craft unique, time-free ways to get off the stress cycle and ON to a more serene path.

You’ll learn real tools that you can actually use,
not something that takes hours of time you don't have.

Here's what you get:


- An accessible online form to fill out all the details on where you're at right now and what you need strategic help with, so that we can be hyper focused during our time together!


- A one hour Clarity Call to go over your current work-life balance, stress and how to make impactful immediate changes for the better.

- Program worksheets guaranteed to reduce your stress, increase your chill and help you craft a Strategic Action Plan outline to quit your day job and live a life you love.

- Weekly 15 min check in phone calls, plus, email access for all your WTF emergencies.

- A one hour wrap up call and outline of a Strategic Action Plan.

- Email prompts and check ins after we finish, to keep you going on the right track to create your freedom!

Initial 30 day commitment, then we’ll work month-to-month for as long as you like.

All of these program pieces are STRESS RELIEVING TOOLS I really want to share with you. They’ve helped me maintain my sanity while doing things like paying off my student loans, buying a house and paying off my son’s medical bills. Real world stuff.

I am offering this work at an affordable price, intentionally.

I want you to feel better about your work in the world.

I want you to live a passion filled life.


I ask for just $275, per month, for all of this intensive attention to YOUR unique situation at work and home. This is a limited time offer - prices will increase as my business and the work I do continues to uplevel! 

In the next 30 days, we’ll do some deep dive investigation into who YOU are and how you operate and what’s got you buggin’ out. You’ll get regular emails and info from me, and we'll touch base in those quick chats to troubleshoot your stressors.

I’ll be available via email during regular work hours for cheerleading support or serious listening skills. Did your boss say they “need to talk” when you have a moment? Did you have a great morning but are having a tough afternoon and need some reminders of how to get your stress to stop spinning out? I’m available FOR YOU to send you notes of encouragement, redirect the stress spiral and get your cool back!

I want you to succeed. I want this stuff to WORK for you! Let’s take the fear factor out of investing in reducing your stress.


After our 30 days, I’ll follow up with you to remind you of all the good work we did together and get you back on track if needed. Full support. Let’s stop that stress spiral!


I created this package to help you stop the stress spiral and make a plan, without creating MORE work and time that you don’t have!


In just 30 days, you could be feeling better...always. This intensive work will change how you operate in all aspects of your work and life. Do you really want to put off feeling STRESS FREE?


Let’s start working together today and craft you a plan.

Start getting a handle, today, on fear, panic and anxiety so you can live a life you love.


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