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$105k, $12k, $0

I'm celebrating and grateful AF.

This was my biggest cash month and sales month ever in business.

I’m at $105k sales for the year and I'm working on making it feel real. Whoa.

I’m a business mentor who helps healers and spiritual entrepreneurs nail their offers and messaging so they can make more money and help more people.

I LOVE what I do.

I empower my clients to trust their intuition, finally run their unique healing biz from a place of courage and figure out the strategy that works for them.

I’m giving you a glimpse behind the curtain to let you know what’s possible.

Yes, you can make money doing what you love and in less hours than 40/wk.

Yes, you can buy health insurance.

Yes, you can do your unique work in the world with dream clients and good money.

I quit my HR career of 15 years and my six figure salary right before Burning Man.

In August of 2019 I made 0 in my business.

In August of 2020 I made 2,351 in my business.

In August of 2021 I made 12,000 in my business.

How? What did I do?

Figured out my unique business strategy, showed up consistently, served the heck outta my current clients and audience and actively sold in a heart centered, authentic way (with recruiter flair).

My Rebelle Mastermind is open to support the eff outta you in finally making the four to five figure months you’ve been working toward for years.

Email me, call me or msg me on FB or Insta. Let’s talk and make 2021 your year.

XO, Emily

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