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5 Ways to Make Money NOW in Your Dream Biz

✨🤯🙌 5 Ways to Make Money NOW in Your Dream Biz 🙌🤯✨

💸💸💸1. Actually tell people that they can buy from you.

When was the last time you shared your product or service on your personal social media pages?

Do not assume that everyone knows what you do and that they can work with you!

Share, share, share. What is it, who is it for, and how do they buy it?

💸💸💸2. Create a low ticket “easy yes” kind of offer and sell it this week.

Create something that costs between $25 and $99. Don’t make this hard, just simple and sweet and an easy YES.

Is it a 60 minute phone call? A downloadable template? Email or Voxer support? Create it. Sell 3. Go!

💸💸💸3. Network, network, network.

Get yourself in front of other people’s audiences.

Facebook groups. Podcasts. Social media platforms. Blogs. Insta platforms.

How can you show up and give value to someone else’s already established audience?

💸💸💸4. Friends and Family.

ASK your friends and family to connect you with people who might need what you do!

Send an email, text them or give ‘em a call. Your people know people!

💸💸💸5. Show up consistently.

Post and engage with real people daily. Connect. Build relationships. Deepen already existing relationships.

Want more support creating the foundation of a practical magic biz you ADORE that also pays your bills?

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