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7 Things to Include in Your Intensive Session Offer

I always tell my clients to create two tiers of programs. The first one should be an intensive one off or two part session. This could be done via a zoom video call or a phone call or an in person session.

I recommend the price for this session should start around $99-150. Serve 1-3 people. Increase the value, increase the price.

But, what do you include in this intensive one off sampler session?

Here are my top favorite ideas to increase the value and support for your clients, below!

  1. A recorded audio meditation. This could be affirmations related to your work and to what they're working through. This could be done ahead of time so you can send it to them in advance, or, maybe you record it after your session to get really specific and add tons of value!

  2. A PDF guide of homework/recommendations for the specific issue you are helping them with. Maybe you're doing a one off session on relationships, communication or business. Can you create a standard homework document to help your clients focus on what to do after your session together?

  3. A physical reality gift. Can you send them a postcard or card or small gift to their home that would enhance their experience? Think about sending essential oils, a candle, or a journal. What would help them get the most out of their session with you?

  4. A follow up email with specific homework/task ideas to help them figure out how best to move forward. I like to pull up my email platform while I'm in the session and prepare the follow up email as I go! How can you help your client get the most forward action from your time together?

  5. A pre-session questionnaire. Ask them key questions so that you can collect important information in advance and can really focus on the transformation in your session together. What information would be helpful for you to know, ahead of time? Get an idea and book a free breakthrough call with me by filling out the form here.

  6. A list of resources for them to access, purchase and check out. Are there books, podcasts or videos that might help your clients with the issue you help them with? Compile a list of great resources, potentially even with affiliate links, so that they can be even more supported!

  7. Additional long term support via email, Voxer or WhatsApp. You can include 1-2 weeks of follow up support to thoroughly take care of your clients! Do it in a way that feels best to you - typing, messaging, video, etc. What follow up method works best for you?

Have you included any of these ideas in your intensive session? Let me know, below!

If you are interested in more about creating your offers, check out my DIY Bundle - Creating your Signature Offer that Sells.

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