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7 Things to Include in Your Six Month Program

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

It's so hard to figure out WTF to include in our program or coaching when we're first building it.

That's because, what you're crafting to support your clients, needs to be informed by working with them. You want to create something that meets them where they're at and takes them to the next level. You want to create alchemy.

Alchemy is a transformational process. Your services use alchemy to help your clients get to their next level.

Maybe it is a 30 day program, a 3 month, 6 month or 12 month mentorship.

Whatever it is, how can you make it super impactful and value laden, and wtf do you include?

Here's some ideas of "what to do" in your longer term, higher value and cost, container!

  1. Weekly or bi-weekly one on one zoom video or phone calls. Let these be coaching calls where your client gets one on one crystallized attention with you! You choose how it happens and when. Is it better for your clients to talk with you bi-weekly, monthly, or every week? What creates the most freedom, impact and results?

  2. Messaging quick access via Voxer or Whatsapp. Enable your high level clients to connect with you throughout their week for all the omg I need support moments that happen! Use Voxer, or, Whatsapp. Pick the platform you like best! You can also try using something like Slack or Bandcamp, but I find the other platforms to be more user friendly and easy to access for my clients.

  3. Gifts. What kind of a welcome to the community gift would be best for your clients to receive? Is it a journal? A water bottle? Champagne? Chocolates? Make it customized and luxurious. Make it impactful and fun. Make it a delight to receive! Check out BoxFox for a Done for You service. Consider small things like postcards and cards or candles for lower investment programs. Have FUN with this idea!

  4. Pre-recorded sessions and meditations. Are there things you could give your clients, in advance, to up level their work with you? Do you provide guided audio meditations or mantras or affirmations? Maybe there's a pre-recorded video or introduction to the program session you want to add?

  5. Courses and recorded programs. Any recorded programs could be a GREAT value add for your long term, one on one clients! Are there distilled programs or products you can give them access to? Do you have an 8 week program they can have as part of the package, or, a 3 video series? Get creative! Bundle it up! Add value!

  6. Access to other live programs. Do you have a signature program you want your one on one clients to have access to? Do they get it every time it happens, or just once a year? How can you amplify their experience AND have them participate in all the beauty you offer?

  7. Guest teachers and speakers or support coaching sessions. Is there a skillset that you can have someone else bring to the table alongside you? Copywriting or marketing? Website building or client experience? Is there a guest you could call in to add on to your coaching program?

There are SO many possibilities of what to include, and how, in order to support the eff outta your amazing clients!

Got any ideas to add?

What's your favorite one?



If you are interested in more about creating offers that sell, check out my DIY Bundle:

Creating your Signature Offer that Sells.

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