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  • Emily Otto - Corporate Rebelle

CEO Enchantress! 3 weeks to a business you adore!


This intensive adventure is for magical beings who want to know what to do, and when to do it, to get pleasurable results and freedom in their online, healing arts based business! Welcome to your light-speed incubator to fast results in your beautiful biz!

Week 1 - Your Golden Heart (Niching + Dream Clients) Week 2 - Your Mystic Charms (Services + Copywriting) Week 3 - Your Practical Magic (Marketing + Selling)

Each week you'll get one Facebook LIVE training session AND a Zoom coaching session to accelerate your alchemy and magic integration!

Stop waiting for practical magic to happen to you. Cast the spell that conjures your dream business. Alchemize your current business into a model and brand you adore. Join an amazing community of heart centered business owners on this journey to create the foundation of a work-life you can fall in love with again and again.

We start March 30th!

Let's GO! XOXO, Emily

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