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If only I knew the *right strategy* to have an online business that makes money, I could blow this popsicle stand and go ALL IN on my dreams.

Have you thought that thought?

Or maybe your version is...OMG I’ve had this business for years...but it still isn’t making the money and helping the people I want to help...what is wrong with me?

Yeah, I said that too.

And, after over 20k of investments in business and marketing training and coaching, I can tell you point blank there’s no magic strategy.

And, there’s no particular one thing that I had to fix in order to help more people, in a deeper way.

It’s a series of small tweaks and of support and accountability.

It’s getting into the right programs, structures and teacher spaces so that I could thrive and figure out my unique way to do my unique business.

Creating a successful online healing arts business happens in much the same way as exercise or meditation practices.

The right methodology is the one YOU WILL USE.

So, what’s the right strategy to create consistent income and impact?

The one you will use.

You might be thinking, sure, Em, that’s super cool and all...but how do I know which one I will use? How do I even know what a strategy or system is?

How the hell do you figure that out?

You get support. The right support, at the right time, to help you shine your authentic self into the world so that others can feel better and be supported themselves.

Trial and error, or, hop into an amazing container with a mompreneur strategy coach who has been there and done that and can guide you to the right strategy for you.

I only teach in this way twice a year and it’s coming up in my birthday month - August - just for you!

CEO Enchantress is my signature epic AF 3 week online healing arts based business coaching program to help you get the structure, strategy and marketing guidance you need to scale or build a business love.

Click here to sign up and get access.

We start August 24th. <3

Want some exceptional, free support right now? Click here to get my list of mantras for abundance and play! Printable PDF

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