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CEO Enchantress is Open Now!

I only teach CEO Enchantress ONCE a year!

What is the #1 strategy to have a successful business⁠? Maybe you’ve asked yourself that question.

The reality is that creating a successful online healing arts business happens in much the same way as exercise or meditation practices.⁠

The right methodology is the one YOU WILL USE.⁠

Now you might be wondering what’s the right strategy to create consistent income and impact?⁠

And the truth is, there’s no particular one way of doing things. It’s a series of small tweaks along with getting support and accountability.

It’s finding the right programs, structures, and teacher spaces so that you can thrive and figure out your own unique way of doing your own unique business.

CEO Enchantress is my signature epic AF 7 week online healing arts-based business coaching program to help you get the structure, strategy, and marketing guidance you need to scale or build a business love. ⁠

⁠⁠It’s currently open for the Only Time in 2022.

Click here to sign up and get access!

We start on February 22nd!!

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