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This picture almost got me fired...

This photo almost got me fired.

My boss was NOT OK with it. Her shit, not mine, but she projected it on me and made me feel wrong and bad.

That was the day I knew I needed to stop censoring myself and be fully me.

So, here I am. Fully me.

I am here to help you create a sustainable business you adore.

One where you don't have to hide your full self. One where you can be-you-ti-ful and of deep service to other humans.

This is for you, you magical woman you, if you're...

In a 9-5 corporate job you're dying to get out of ASAP, if only you had the right business and income to leave.

A purpose driven femme-preneur! You've built your business, but you're struggling to get it to work for you.

Craving business structure, practical magic and enchanted strategy!

Wanna learn how to have $$$$ 4-5 figure $$$$ consistent months!

Seeking a client base, audience engagement and a waitlist for your services!

Dear woo-driven woman, join me in the Rebelle Mastermind to learn how to...

Craft and tweak your messaging to land with the right people at the right time.

Create your signature offers that sell like hot cakes.

Know what to do and when to do it to keep your business moving forward and being of deep service to your clients and community.

Feel confident and empowered in knowing what your next step is.

This is a unique hybrid group/one on one container with NO strings and commitments beyond month #1!

Yeah, I'm that sure you'll love it.

SPECIAL JANUARY BONUSES $111 off for the first three women who hop in (two left)!

Monthly 60 minute one on one calls for as long as you're in the program ($111 value each)!

Purpose driven astrology reading session (60 minutes, $111 value)

Over $333 in bonuses for you badass rebelles who are IN and ready to level up in 2021!

I only have 2 spots left for January one of them for you? Stop waiting, start taking messy action, and message me, babe XOXO, Emily

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