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DIY Business Bundles - Holiday Special!

CUTE LITTLE LIES⁠ your brain is telling you...

No one wants to buy it.⁠

I need more training first.⁠

⁠It's gotta be perfect before I sell it.⁠

That's not true.⁠

Your people just don't understand WTF you do and why they want it.⁠

Get super clear.⁠

Tell your people why you, why this, why now.⁠

Listen love, the best things in life are imperfect.⁠

There is no perfect.⁠

There's only messy and human and real.⁠

Give your people something real to sink their teeth into.⁠

Want more support?

Grab my DIY Biz Coaching Bundle, Connecting to Paying Clients or Signature Offers that Sell,, to help you figure out how to do this for just $99 each.

AND, I'm including a complimentary group coaching call for everyone who buys it between now and the end of the month! Call happens at 4PM EST on November 30th.

Click here to purchase: help your people and make more money.

Creating Your Signature Offer that Sells

This bundle of pre-recorded training modules will help you:

- create your unique, signature program for your people.

- stand behind it and know what to share about it and when so that your clients buy it!

- get totally sold on the value of your work so that your people get sold too.

Signature Offers that Sell DIY BIZ COACHING BUNDLE includes modules on...⁠

Signature Offer Outline⁠


Stay True North⁠

Craveable Offers⁠

Sacred Sales⁠

And BONUS video trainings on Wild Abundance and the Three C's to Up Level Your Business!⁠

Connect to Paying Clients

Learn how to connect to clients who want to pay you for your beautiful work in the world!

This DIY pre-recorded business bundle will help you directly connect to clients who want to pay you.

Connect to Paying Clients includes juicy video training modules on...⁠

Authentic Connection⁠

Charm Clients In⁠

Magic Messaging⁠

Land Your First/Next Client⁠

Let's Get Visible⁠

And BONUS videos on how I sold out my Mastermind and 1:1 coaching! You can't get those videos anywhere else, folks ;)⁠

Click, buy, and if you purchase before November 30th you can automatically join the complimentary coaching call!

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