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Have you quit your day dream? Don’t!

I know the world is crazy and has turned upside down.

You’re working from home full time with your kids, trying to “teach them” through virtual apps, get your work done and somehow stay sane…how the hell could you possibly keep your dream of doing work you love alive?

I know it sounds crazy, but now is the most important time to keep your day dream work alive.

And it doesn’t mean you have to quit your stable money-making job tomorrow.

You get to have your cake and eat it too. You can let your 9–5 full time job serve you while you build your business and start crafting a life you love with flexibility and freedom.

Now, that doesn’t mean you have time to do a full time side hustle and work full time while teaching your kiddos right now.

But it does mean you can craft small time-saving ways to build the thing you love on the side, while your day job supports you. After all, you’ve worked a long career and you have done GOOD work…you deserve to let your job and your career serve you.

You may be asking yourself, but, Emily…how? How do I do that right now?

You have to change how you’re thinking about your side hustle vs your corporate job. Let your corporate job support your day dreams. Keep the thread of the dream moving forward.

You figure out your gap and then, Mind the Gap.

In the London subways there’s a phrase painted on the walkway between the cement and the train. It says “Mind the Gap”. As in, beware of falling into the track. You have to figure out how to step from the platform, to the train.

You have to figure out how to step from your corporate job, to your purpose driven business.

Mind the gap. Let your corporate job enable you to train and up-level your skills to live the life you want, doing work you love.

Now is the perfect time for this kind of learning and training strategy. Maybe your gap is that you need to figure out your niche and deep dive into understanding WHAT you do and WHO your work helps. Niching work is super critical for that.

Perhaps your gap is that you want to learn some type of skill for coaching or online counseling. You can take many courses online at Udemy, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Neurolinguistics Programming and Life Coaching. Use this time while you’re working from home, to load up a course and listen to it, while you’re being available at your day job.

Maybe you’re thinking to start a business making and crafting beautiful things by hand. Now is the time to practice! Pull out your sewing supplies, learn to make jewelry, start crafting that project you’ve always thought about doing. Practice, practice, practice, if you can during the day and if you can’t, then when the kiddos go to sleep.

Don’t quit your day dream.

Now is the perfect time to start seeing, feeling and moving toward a life you love.

A life that has you spending quality time with your family while you make money to pay your bills by working a job that fulfills your soul.

You can do this. You deserve it. Don’t quit your day dream — keep moving things forward, one small step at a time. Now is the time to learn and train and study and move things forward!

If you’d like more help reducing the stress you’re feeling from working a full time corporate job while being home during Covid-19, join me on Thursday for a FREE Stress Less at Home training!

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