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I Quit. In Writing.

It's so important to know where you are, and, where you're going.

When we're in a job we don't love, day dreaming about doing our own work in the world, we want to stay focused on "the thing".

Writing your unique resignation or "quitting letter" is a seriously empowering way to put your intention into writing and into physical reality.

The three types of quitting letters...

1. The impassioned, fiery, I quit and you suck letter.

Write this one, and don't share it outside of your friends. Toss it into a Google Doc file and lock it up. Make it full of vitriol and frustration and all the things your boss and corporate job did wrong. Just let loose. Set it all on fire. Get it OUT of your system!

Mind you, I'm not saying this isn't a "true" letter, because I'm sure there are really toxic things you've been through...but it isn't the best way to write a real quitting letter. It's more well suited for yourself and sharing with your bestie.

2. The I quit my X date because I'm over your BS and now's the time letter. I quit and I'm done with your BS within two weeks because I'm over it and you. I quit because there's a big project coming up and it's time I take my leave. I quit and here is the date I'm done by.

What's critical here is the date your done by. Put it out there into the world! Write your earliest quite date, and your latest. For most of my clients, that ends up being between 6 to 12 months from now.

3. So long and thanks for all the fish letter.

This is the "real deal" here. You craft a very finely worded resignation letter. I'm leaving to pursue my own opportunities. Thanks so much for all the incredible work I was a part of here, it was super great, and I'm out.

This is a good, real, letter. It's the one you want your references to know about. It's leaving with grace and dignity and no more "he said/she said BS" but just...I'm out, enjoy, peace and BAI.

Have you written your resignation letter? What is in it? Try it and see how empowering it can feel! You're making moves toward quitting your job and doing work you love, just by writing it into reality.



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