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What do you do?

What do you do?

When you’re just starting to build your own authentic work in the world, this is the worst question ever. The dreaded question. Bleh. Blah. Deer in headlights. Uhm. Well. And then, we drop a list of all the things we’re qualified for and have studied. Have you been there? I have.

There’s an easier way.

We want to make our “what do I do” statement so freaking simple our own children would understand it. Make it so easy your kids get it. How would you explain it to your kids?

Write it down. In fact, it’s best if you journal it daily. What do you do? Who is it for? What results or success do you help your people achieve? Where do you take folks?

We can make it so much harder with unique customized formulas from every coach on the internet. And some of them are super helpful to dialing down this idea of “what do I do”. But, let me save you the trouble.

I played with formulas for over a year. What do I do, how do I do it, who is it for…and I found it really comes down to keeping it as simple as possible. The KISS principle is real. Keep It Simple, Silly. For real, for real.

How simple can you make it?

Your potential clients need to be able to see themselves in your work.

They need to know it’s for them, and, that you can help them feel better.

Without that, we don’t have a business people want to pay for and invest in. Without connecting the dots between what you do and who it helps…we don’t have a business.

It’s critical to make it simple.

What do you do? Keep it so simple and easy your own kids would get it.

Need help? Drop me a line and let me help you get clear on what you do and who it’s for, so that your clients can hit BUY NOW with clarity and ease.

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