Rebelle Mastermind

Six Month Group Coaching Program

You crave consistent money and clients and wanna figure out how to make it HAPPEN!

You want to build a purpose driven business that pays your bills and lights up your world, but you're not quite sure wtf to do, when and how.

You have tried "all the things" to get your business to make the income you need to finally quit your day job, or any other jobs that aren't lighting you up. 

You've downloaded all the freebies, took some big group programs and have been doing the thing and trying to sell your services.

But, your messaging or method is just not landing. Something is off. And you're feeling frustrated AF that it's not working.

You don't need another massive group program where you don't ever hear from the "coach" who sold it to you in the first place. Bleh.

You need a group of amazing like-minded humans who will support your dreams and desires and cheer you on, consistently, over time.

You need a badass coaching program so that you can get specific training for your unique soul driven business.

You need the Rebelle Mastermind.

Hey there, I’m Emily. 


I help magical beings start their unique, online healing arts based business so that they can be fully in love with their life and work!


I help purpose driven souls create a business that fully supports their life.


I help them start their own business and expand it so they can consistently make money and help their clients. 

This is for you, you magical human you, if you're...

In a job or jobs you're dying to get out of ASAP, if only you had the right soul aligned and magical business and the consistent income to finally leave.

A purpose driven entrepreneur who loves her practical magic and woo-woo.


Have already built your business, but you're struggling to get it to work for you.

Craving business structure and enchanted strategy.

Wanna learn how to have 4-5 figure consistent months.

Have a strong desire to scale your business and maximize your income and impact.

Seeking a client base, audience engagement and a waitlist for your services.

Work with me, and a fantastic group of humans, for 6 months to get clear on who you help and how, and connect with your dream clients to build a business & life you love!

What's the Rebelle Mastermind all about?

This is the unique group coaching program to help you build the business you've always dreamed of!

I help great people build businesses to last a lifetime.


I want you to have the kind of biz you never want to walk away from.

One that changes and evolves as you shift and grow and become more YOU.


You deserve to feel good, be of deep service to others and enjoy your life.

This program is part group coaching + part one on one intensive support!

It's all play, pleasure and work that sparks your soul.

Invest in yourself and this Mastermind for 6 months.


Praise for the Rebelle Mastermind!

Fairy Lights

Sybil, Health + Yoga Guide

I adore working with Emily because of her ideas, insight, inspiration, knowledge and she is just plain fun!

I started a group health coaching program WITH CLIENTS, I got brave enough to start Instagram reels for more visibility, I got ideas on how to run a successful Facebook group and find more clients, I now have tons of ideas on how to batch content and ideas of more programs and products I want to offer.

If you want to build your business, I would highly recommend working with Emily!


Tress, Life Coach

I'm clear in being able to talk about what it is that I'm doing, which makes me way better at DOING it.

I'm way more focused in how I talk about it, how I present it, and how I work through it with my clients!

My clients get results better, faster and stronger.

My friend and mentor told me my energy has completely changed - I'm confident, I know what I'm talking about, and it comes across in a completely different way.

From being in the Rebelle Mastermind, I've met astounding people who have pushed me to grow and learn and experience new things!

I have fresh perspectives that come in all the time so I don't feel like I'm stuck in an echo chamber and swirling in my own thoughts. I always have someone fresh to talk to.

All of that together really energizes my life!



Business + Burnout Coach

I loved Emily's belief in what's possible for me (for all of us!).


Her intuition development work and reminders for me that I can build a business that works for me (not what I think it has to be) was so impactful.


The biggest benefit I got from working with Emily was confidence that this is possible for January I finally did the thing and quit my job!

What's Included

The Quick + Dirty Overview

  • An initial welcome call

  • Three group Zoom coaching calls a month

  • A private Facebook group for copywriting, content and messaging support

  • 15 Minute SOS 1:1 coaching calls for your WTF emergencies

  • Monthly training specific to what's coming up in the group

  • Rebelle Mastermind VAULT full of tools, templates and resources

Immediate Access

A 15 minute welcome call to orient you to the Rebelle Mastermind.

A private Facebook group for posting your content, images and copy writing so that I can teach you how and what to tweak, when and why for your unique clients and audience. LOADED with guides for sales, lead tracking, website templates, group strategy and so, so much more!

Rebelle Mastermind Resources VAULT chock full of tools, templates and step by step strategies to help you get to where you wanna be with your soul driven business. This is ONLY available to my Mastermind and 1:1 clients!


Tarot card readings in our private Facebook group to help you align your energy with your biz!


Three Zoom Q&A Coaching Calls a month for specific training and strategy on how to run a business that lights you up!


15 Minute SOS one on one coaching calls to support you when you want to burn your business down (yep, that's normal) and when you need extra oomph and pizzaz!

A training and coaching session specific to what's coming up in the group! Some months it'll be about sales, others will be on marketing or client mentorship or any other topic related to building a business that nourishes your soul and your clients.

BONUS Video guest trainings!



Craft and tweak your messaging to land with the right people at the right time.

Create your signature offers that sell like hot cakes.

Know what to do and when to do it to keep your business moving forward and making money!


Learn how to connect with your people and be of deep service to your clients. 

Feel confident and empowered in knowing what your next step is.

Make consistent monthly income so that you can focus on only doing work you love.

Make 4-5 figure months and have an engaged audience and following.

Are you ready to have your business actually support you fully - mind, body and spirit?

Let's get started!

Choose your own adventure and let's create the business of your dreams!