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I am so excited to welcome you to the Rich Witch Collective!

A membership program to help you activate your Rich Witch Business so that you can

grow, scale, and nail your content and sales with oodles of pleasure and joy.

What's included for Rich Witch Members?

Monthly Rich Witch live trainings! (Last week of the month.)

All-access Rich Witch Pass to every Full Moon Rich Witch Ecstatic Dance Party. We start with a 15 minute guided ritual to call you into your next level of leadership, financial abundance, and freedom. Then we'll rock n' roll with an epic dance party (DJ'd by me) to embody your next level of business in your mind body and soul!

All-access pass to the Nail Your Content and Connect with Clients Program Suite AND Programs and Masterclasses:

Siren: Conjure Soul Aligned Clients to your Doorstep ($197 value)

 Connect to Paying Clients ($197 value)

Cosmic Cash and Courage ($197 value)
↠ Create Your Signature Offer that Sells ($197 value)

↠ Wild Success ($197 value)
↠ Rich Witch’s Guide to the Universe 
($88 value)
↠ Charm Clients In 
($44 value)
↠ Charming Your Clients Masterclass 
($44 value)
 Uplevel Your Business
($44 value)

Access to ALL prior training recordings for the Rich Witch Collective! These trainings are 1 to 5 day masterclass programs chock full of juicy, relevant content to help you up-level your leadership and scale your business to 6 and 7 figures.

Start and scale your dream magical, healing arts business doing work that feels so easy it's like you’re cheating magic because you're calling in clients who pay you for your gifts, time, and brilliance.


As a Rich Witch Member, you get live trainings, pre-recorded trainings, dance parties, and more.

I'm here to help, guide, mentor, coach, support, encourage and hold the big-ass space for your tiny-ass fears so that you...

↠ no longer feel stuck


↠ broke


↠ anxious about bills, filling your fridge or paying your rent or mortgage


↠ fearful about putting yourself out there and wondering if what you're putting out there is good enough


↠ or scared that you'll eff it all up and have to go back to a regular job because no one will buy it OR the opposite - you're afraid you can't handle the pressure of true success


Let me guess, you're thinking something like...

✶ You need accountability, training, and ongoing support so that you can grow and scale your business.

✶ You desire to learn from someone who's already doing the witchy-woman work and shares the ins and outs of running a healing-arts business.

✶ You enjoy diving into trainings on your own so that you can get specific advice for YOU and YOUR business.


How long is the membership?
It's ongoing! And when you join, you get access to all past trainings.


What if I change my mind?

No refunds, magical babe. But I will always give you my best and I believe in you and your work in the world! You can cancel at any time.

What if I miss the training calls?

You'll have access to listen to the recordings! Feel free to submit your questions prior to the call and I'll still answer them even if you're not able to join live!

Can you guarantee specific results?

Nope! I fully believe in my work and in your ability to take action and achieve your own results for your business. That said, I can’t guarantee any specific results because goals will be built around your specific desires so it will all vary client to client.

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