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Six Figure
Healer Business

Welcome to


You are READY to claim your rich witch six figure healer life.


I'm going to give you the support and crystal clear guidance to get there, faster.


Get clear on your programs and services to sell & scale to six figures.

Identify and cook up content and copy that will sell your work like sizzling hotcakes.

Craft your strategy and action plan to scale to 100k+ within the next six to twelve months

This is for you if...

  • You're ready to make the income and impact you know you're destined for.

  • You're done making excuses and getting distracted by shiny things because you want to help more people and make more cash now...not later.

  • You don't want to wait for results, you just want some intense hands on support, NOW so you can get your strategy, mindset and action in alignment with your Six Figure Healer life.

  • You're ready to go from broke healer to embodying your full, Rich Witch you've been summoning for years.

  • You know there's gotta be more to it than just working harder and more hours at your standard hourly rate, because, 50-100 clients at $100 an hour isn't gonna get you what you want. You are READY for the shift and up level already.

  • You have an inkling that there's gotta be more to it than just math. You've made a few high figure months, but you crave consistent $8-15k months with pleasure, play and joy. You seek the business structure, strategy and implementation that leads toward programs, packages and services at higher levels.

  • You want those soul aligned, destiny thread clients that are excited to pay you and invest in working with you and you're ready for them yesterday.

Your Investment is $777


Hey there, I’m Emily. 


I help magical beings create and scale their unique, online healing arts based business so that they can be fully in love with their life and work!


I help purpose driven souls have a business that fully supports their life.


I help Rebelle healers with marketing and sales so they can consistently make money and help their clients. 

What's Included:

A 90 minute video coaching call (only available here)

A deep dive video coaching call with me so that you can get clear on your desires, strategies and aligned actions.


I'll ask you key questions to support you becoming your full Rich Witch and Embodied Empress so you can shine online, create sacred sales and support your destiny thread clients. 


Two weeks of Voxer Support (priceless support reserved only for my one on one clients)

Get me in your back pocket on your phone, and on the computer, on this amazing walkie talkie app!

Use these two weeks after our coaching call for juicy support, accountability and mindset check-ins and juice (responses within 24 hrs, M-F 9-5).

Access to my three key, Get Clients, Get Cash Programs (valued at over $600)

Charm Clients In is a two hour live, now recorded, training to help you connect to paying clients with your words so they can see your work is for them and pay you for it!

Creating Your Signature Offer that Sells is my step by step recorded video training program to help you create your unique, signature program for your people and get totally sold on the value of your work so that your people get sold too.

Connecting to Paying Clients is my pre-recorded business bundle to help you directly connect to clients who want to pay you.

Sacred Sales and the Wounded Healer will enable you to show up fully as your wealthy healer self and craft a Sacred Sales process that works and feels good too.

These four programs will help you channel and streamline your mindset, programs and services, and actions again and again as you watch them on repeat. 

Wealthy Healer Guided Audio Meditations

Listen to these four, guided audio meditations on repeat to call in your most abundant six figure healer life.


Each guided audio meditation is exclusive to my clients, made by me directly, and is 10 mins or less so you can listen in short bursts. 

Worksheets to Change Your Biz Life

Use my four signature worksheets to feel good and move the needle!

These prompts and worksheets will change your life, how you relate to your business daily, weekly, monthly and allow your rich life to flow to you now.


I'm here to help you make more money and help more people, with joy and pleasure and play, so you can love your life and squeeze all the candy outta it.

Want more support so you can finally be the six figure healer you've been dreaming of for years?

Click the button below and let's go!

Your Investment is just $777

What My Clients are Saying

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Why I'm So Passionate about you becoming a
Six Figure Healer...

I'm passionate because women deserve to make good money and be massively well compensated for their beautiful space holding and healing work. 

Your work is massively valuable and worthy of equally abundant compensation.

You get to both be a healer and make bank.

I was in HR and Recruiting in Corporate America for 15 years  and i studied all these different healing modalities but none of them were the right thing because i was destined to help heal healers.

Being a six figure healer is your legacy.

You get to help people and make  money. Let me show you how.

Your Six Figure Business is waiting for you.



Is this only for 6 figure coaches and healers?

All coaches and healers at every stage of their journey can book an Intensive. 

I get to support you where and when you are, so you can have the business and life you've been dreaming of!

I’m just starting out and have a small following and nearly zero list or audience, will this work for me?

Yes. I'll help you get clear on your most sellable offer and the messaging to get in front of clients who will buy it.

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