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SOS: Successful Office Survival

Hey there,

If you're anything like me, near the end of the year, you start thinking about why you're wasting your time at a dead end job you aren't in love with.


Perhaps you're seeking a way to survive your office job.

Maybe you’re working a 9-5 and taking care of people (kids, elders, friends) on the reg.


Perhaps you’ve been working out/in (yoga, CrossFit, meditation) and trying to manage normal household tasks?


If you’re completely “over it” and on the verge of a panic attack at work and life, this is for you.


Successful Office Survival is a six week, online course to help you maintain sanity, craft joy and purpose and thrive during your 9-5. Next session -  JANUARY 2020!


I created this program with YOU in mind. I've got over 15 years of experience in Human Resources and Recruiting in Corporate America. I've "done the thing" at a lot of different companies. I’ve learned it is all the same stressful game wherever you work.


There's a boss. There's employees. There's crazy good days and tight timelines. There's great software and that POS thing your company made up in the 1980s and still uses today. There's endless meetings and tons of emails.


There will ALWAYS be stress at a jobby job.


The only thing we can do is to change our own mindset and tools and GEAR UP for the work.


The tools and tips I share will reduce your stress load. Together, we’ve got this.


  • Weekly emails delivered directly to you with the lesson for the week and additional content and tools focused on our weekly theme.

  • Thursdays will be our team lunch hour meetings, recorded, to be re-watched for anyone who missed the session or if you want to review.

  • 24/7 online Facebook group for participant discussion, questions and help.


This six week course will consist of daily practices, recorded guided meditations, carefully curated playlists and videos, movement, weekly group calls and MUCH more to get you feeling less stressed and anxious and more at ease with your day to day!

What's Included in the Program:

  • Weekly Monday strategy emails with a new way to reduce your stress and anxiety.

  • Weekly Thursday lunch hour video meeting.

  • Facebook group for support from me and from your peers.

  • Guided meditation recordings.

  • Curated playlists and video content.


This six week course is designed to be an accessible, affordable tool that folks from all over the planet can utilize to FEEL BETTER at their day jobs.

Additional Things You'll Get:

  • Access to my library of audio meditations - customized audio for folks working in corporate america.

  • Downloadable audio/video of each call: each call will be available to download and repeat listening.

  • A transcript of each call: a written transcript for each call, just in case you prefer reading to listening.


Here's what you'll learn:

*** Week 1 - Fresh Starts ***

Getting clear and clean in order to set up our days, weeks months and years in the right mindset.

*** Week 2 - Morning Rituals ***

How to set up your morning for success, at home and at the office.

*** Week 3 - Disrupt Patterns ***

Finding ways to stop the looping patterns and spirals of stress and anxiety in our daily lives.

*** Week 4 - Be Here Now ***

Key survival techniques to staying with the present moment.

*** Week 5 - Transitions ***

How to move from home to work to home, or from one project to another, with more ease and focus.

*** Week 6 - Play the Game ***

Uplevel your life by learning how to play the game - corporate america - to your best advantage.


We'll work with real tools that you can actually do - not something that takes hours of your time that you don't have.


Capitalistic Corporate American in 2019 is a freaking crazy-making place to live. Together, in four weeks, we can make it feel just a little less crazy for you. Join me on this journey and level up your work-life!


This programs is for you if...

- you are ready to take action and change in small meaningful ways.

- you work a super stressful corporate job somewhere in America in 2019

- you go to bed with a “to-do list” in your head and you wake up crafting a new one.

- you find yourself worrying over your worries!

- you want to go through a live program with amazing peers who have the same struggles you do.

- you can make 30 mins a week for our live calls, and, up to one hour a week to try these techniques.


It also wouldn’t hurt if…

- you're into herbalism, spirit plant medicine, or nonviolent communication techniques.

- you love moving - CrossFit, dance, working out, lifting weights, karate.

- you have a big heart and maybe you’ve even been told you are “too emotional” at work.


This program isn’t for you if…

- “woo woo” isn’t your jam (energy work, spirit stuff, etc)

- you feel completely calm and at ease at work and life.

- you don’t like working in groups or sharing ideas with others.

- you aren’t feeling frustrated with work-life balance.

- Everything is AWESOME


I promise:

  • Easy to use and access tools that won’t make MORE stress for you.

  • Weekly guidance and new tips, tricks and tools to help you thrive in corporate america.

  • Together, we’ll craft unique, time-free ways to get off the stress cycle and ON to a more serene path.

SOS: Successful Office Survival Program feedback:


"When you're stressed, that last thing you want is another thing on your plate, taking up time you don't have right? It's counter-intuitive, but the Defuse Your Work-Life (SOS) program is totally worth it! The daily emails were short and sweet.


Putting Emily's suggestions into practice can be done whenever you have time, and however in-depth you want to dive into it. And you can come back to them whenever you need a reminder since they're sitting in your inbox. When I signed up, I was dealing with a lot of issues at work, and it was making me a frazzled, angry mess all the time. All the issues that stressed me out before I did the program are still there.


What this program helped me do was re-frame how I respond. I'm calmer and more prepared mentally to deal with the crazy. No program can magically take away the stress out of life, but you can minimize the impact of those stressors in your life." - Defuse Your Work-life program participant, Kristi​​

"Emily offers strong, wise, practical coping mechanisms to buttress our efforts to thrive and excel, from home to workaday lives." - Defuse Your Work-life (SOS) program participant, Laura​

"Emily is so true to her nature and herself. She is honest and open and teaches me to be the same. Through her work, I am able to learn (through her modeling of best practices) how to be more perfectly aligned with myself and let go of what isn't serving me." - Defuse Your Work-life (SOS) program participant, Krista

This six week live program is just $189, early bird special if you register now!


I am also offering this program on a Pay What You Can (PWYC) basis - $60 up front and any additional amount you choose after the program ends!


Early bird special: https://www.paypal.me/wildwoodhealing/189


PWYC::  https://www.paypal.me/wildwoodhealing/60