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I love learning and am a student of life and many teachers and practices.

I draw on many experiences from 15 years in Corporate America, teaching trauma-informed and community-based yoga, Sacred Intimacy study and professional practice and a lifetime of being wild and connected to the earth.


Recently, my education is focused on apprenticeships with individual teachers who are well steeped in their practices.


My degrees are both in Cultural Psychology, with my Bachelor’s degree via Saginaw Valley State University and my Master’s degree via The University of Chicago.

I have studied with these amazing people.

Connor Otto - AcroYoga, Gyrotonic System and Movement Therapy 

Leslie Blackburn - Sacred Sexuality and Shamanism

Sevonne Cohen - Astrology and Spiritual Counseling

Tad Hargrave- Marketing and Writing

Jenny Shih - Business and Marketing

Carmen Spagnola - Intuition and Trust Development

Stephen Jenkinson - Poetry and Practice of Life, Death and Eldermaking

Calvin Harris - Spiritual Counseling and Translation Work

Frances Farmer - Shiatsu and Five Elements Theory

Abby Humphrey - Acupuncture, Pulse Diagnosis and Five Elements Theory

Kelly Kempter - Thai Bodywork and Five Elements Theory

Leyolah Antara - Ecstatic Dance Facilitation and Priestess Work

Virginia June - Acudetox

Niki Myers - Yoga of 12 Step Recovery

Carla Samson - Dance, Intuition and Brand + Business Embodiment


Connie Eiland - Shamanism

Kelly Sinta - Thai Bodywork

Emily Utter - Express Live

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