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Schedule your very own Rich Witch VIP Day and build your business in just 5 HOURS! Not sure this is for you? Let me ask you a few q's...

Ready to build your brand, niche, and spiritual entrepreneur business based on who YOU are?

Wanna create your very own program suite with a freebie sample, an intensive, private coaching, and a signature program to sell it ALL out?

Itching to upgrade your systems, process, and biz backend in a witchy-woo style so that you can create, sell and serve with eeeease?

Care to craft a magick, intuitive and witchy 90-day content marketing plan so you know what you're talking about to call in dream clients with a helluva lot more play and pleasure?




Build your brand, niche, and spiritual entrepreneur business based on who you ARE. Ritual invocation and ceremony to celebrate where you've been and where you're going, custom crafted , just for you.



Create your program suite (freebie sample, an intensive (like this one), private coaching, and signature program to sell them all out!

We'll talk through and up-level your systems, processes, and back-end so that you can create, sell, and serve with ease.



Craft a magick, intuitive and witchy 90-day content marketing plan so you know what you're talking about and when to call in dream clients with ease, pleasure, and play.

Alicia Siegel, Michigan

Emily Otto is a business wizard.  My coaching business was feeling like a daydream. Even after investing in several different types of coaching.

In her mastermind, it was like the other women were on different planets. The VIP day was the answer for me.

I recommend doing the VIP day before the mastermind, especially if you're just getting started. Then do one during the mastermind!! You can't do too many of them. 

Emily addresses both business and life blocks and helps people navigate through them. She helped me get out of my own way.  Now, my OWN mastermind is planned and I've successfully completed two launch events. 

I'm grateful to have her as support within the mastermind as I roll these things out. 

If you have a woo business, invest in yourself in her containers! She is awesome.



Join me VIRTUALLY or in Ann Arbor, Michigan throughout 2024!

*Additional dates available upon request

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Ann Arbor, Michigan

Come play in my hometown, on the campus of the University of Michigan!

With lots to do in downtown Ann Arbor, and fun-family destinations, including plenty of cute restaurants - you'll have a beautiful experience before and after your VIP day!


If a destination VIP day doesn't work for you at this time, I offer virtual sessions, filled with just as much magic and getting you the exact same results!






*Lunch is included and pre-ordered and scheduled for delivery so we stay fueled! Dietary requests are always welcome! 


A magical 5-hour VIP Day is a thorough and magickal assessment of your business, social media channels, brand, vibes, and more prior to your day. It includes...

▹ a thorough form to prepare you for the day, and a juicy one on one mentorship call, scheduled two weeks prior to our VIP day together!


▹ a five hour in person or virtual experience to create and scale the witchy, woo-woo, abundant business of your dreams so that you can be wildly successful in life, love, and work.


 seven days of Telegram coaching following the VIP day for additional questions and support to help you take action.

Get super clear on your practical magic business structure and strategy in just ONE DAY so that you can rocket to a six-figure healer business and life now. This is your year.


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Before doing this work, I spent fifteen years behind the scenes of businesses, from small (a few people on payroll) to large corporations (hundreds of thousands of employees).


While I gained experience, I also learned a lot about the system most get sucked into. For many of us (and I'm looking at you, babe) we just don't fit into the roles that our cultural deems as the pinnacle of success.


When I had enough of corporate - and doing work that stressed me out and my son was born. I knew I didn't want to work the way I was.

I took the brave leap of starting my own online witchy-business in a way that was aligned with me. Doing work that I love. I created my own success.


I've made over $500,000 since I started. And YES my business is profitable because I set up the systems that worked for me.

At this point, I've helped hundreds of healers start and scale their own witchy businesses.



Hi! I'm Emily Otto,
and I'm f*cking obsessed with helping women have a pleasurable, magical businesses.

I'm obsessed with discovering what works for different healers, witches, and creatives.


And I want to support you in the process of nailing your niche, your voice, your systems, and your thang in business.

I've helped so many others get clarity and make money in a way that feels really damn good to them, that I've condensed the process down into just 5-hours:
the Rich Witch VIP Day.

Witches Saying.png

This is by far the best investment I've ever made.

I'm sooooo grateful and blessed that this is my work. Helping wild and witchy women succeed in business their way. 💋

If you're tired of f*cking around and ready to get the clarity on your brand, niche, offers, and what's going to work for YOU, and you want support from someone who's helped 100's of witchy, woo-woo, healers, and artists NOW IS YOUR CHANCE!

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