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I have a special place in my heart for people who:


  • Love the idea of being a rebel spirit within the confines of capitalism. They feel morally wronged by our capitalistic corporate society and want to create community and village mindedness to live a life they don’t have to escape from. They increasingly see themselves as Jedi warriors disguised in a storm trooper outfit on the Death Star. Stay under cover. Focus on the goals of the rebellion (e.g. real work-life balance, village creation and living your purpose daily).

  • Want to make a difference in the world and have a deep sense of “it’s not supposed to be this way”. They care about economic inequality, nature and the environment and feel a responsibility to use whatever unearned privileges they might have to make a difference.

  • Are drawn to a balanced life. Can be found out on long walks in the woods and other wild spaces, at potlucks, conscious cafes, death cafes, actual cafes, libraries, Meetup groups, exercise classes and yoga.

  • Are spiritually open and enjoy groovy hippy things. They wear corporate casual slacks and dress shoes at work, and in the evenings, transition to yoga pants and festival skirts. Some are healing arts workers in their own right on the side. They teach yoga once a week or volunteer at a school. They volunteer at a humane society or have taken a class in Reiki or shamanic work.

  • They ask lots of questions and wonder about meaningful and magical things. They enjoy learning about things like astrology, eco-consciousness, wilderness, animals, about being human, the intersection and true nature of disease and the body-mind connection, autoimmune disease causes and solutions, plant spirit medicine and plant based medicines, mindfulness and meditation practices. They are fascinated by the power of vulnerability, the world around them, great sex, good relationships, depth and meaning making.

  • Are drawn to the mythopoetic imagination and old stories being brought to present minds. Enjoy authors like Sharon Blackie, Clarissa Pinkola-Estes, Michael Meade, Christopher Ryan, Dr. Gabor Mate, Elliot Cowan, Robin Wall Kimmerer, Robin Rose Bennett, Philip Shepherd, Susan Weed.

  • Who like watching TedX videos and listening to podcasts. Favorites: The Bioneers (revolution from the heart of nature), The Longest Shortest Time (motherhood and parenting), Tangentially Speaking (good conversation with Christopher Ryan), Magamama (sex, birth, motherhood), The Mortified (adults reading childhood journals).


We Might Not Be a Fit If:


  • You love ‘things’ and ‘stuff’ and desire more cars, a much bigger house and other expensive bullshit.

  • You aren’t ready to be invested in the process. This investment requires your daily attention. 15-20 mins a day. 3 hours a week. A minimum of one full month and a maximum of three months or one season of your life. You cannot half ass this...full ass everything! Or, don’t do it.

  • You aren’t ready to make big changes to your life in many small ways.

  • You don’t believe in energy work - like yoga chakras or Reiki.

  • You don’t believe that good food and exercise matter.

  • You have strong right leaning political beliefs or you voted for ‘that guy’.