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FREE! Want to quit your 9-5 and start your own business, so you can have freedom and a purpose driven life?

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Dear Stressed Corporate Worker:


If you are reading this then my guess is that you are working a job that drains you.


You may be in the middle of your career and, if you had the money, you would quit tomorrow (and in spectacular fashion).

Perhaps you are a parent, balancing your full time job, making an impact on the world and managing kiddos. 


You may feel like there is never “enough” time or money.

You want out of the corporate world but have reasons to stay.

If you leave now, how will you pay your bills, afford your home, have good health insurance, get out of debt and support your family?


You feel trapped. Stagnant. Directionless.


You are so over the 9-5 routine of pointless meetings and mindless tasks, and you feel undervalued and disconnected from yourself.

You don't know how you can give any more of yourself to this job that is causing you to put your health, and your family, on the back burner.


You feel stressed and anxious. 

You want to feel stable and purpose driven.


You need a believable exit plan and strategy.

You want more freedom.

You need to do “something” with your life.

You crave a purpose-driven and passion filled work and home life. 

You might love working with me if you:

  • Love the idea of being a rebel spirit within the confines of capitalism.

  • Want to make a difference in the world and have a deep sense of "work doesn't have to be this way".

  • Are drawn to a balanced life, spirituality and intuition.

  • Wonder about meaningful and magical things.

​Let's work together!


FREE Stress + Strategy Call

A free 20 minute call to help you with your stress from your day job and make a strategy to get you feeling better fast.

Clarity Call

A call to help you figure out how to quit your job and finally do work you love 

Make a Quitting Plan

a 30 day program to help you seriously reduce your stress and make an actionable plan to quit and start your own business.