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Stress and Strategy Coaching


Burned-Out Corporate Workers

Overcome stress and anxiety, make a plan, live a life you love!

Dear Stressed Corporate Worker:


If you are reading this then my guess is that you are working a job that drains you.


Over the past few years, I’ve worked with many people who come to me in the same position.


They’re in the middle of their career and, if they had the money, they’d quit tomorrow (and in spectacular fashion).

Many of them are parents who are balancing their full time job, making an impact in the world and managing kiddos.


They feel like there is never “enough” time or money.

They want out of the corporate world but have reasons to stay. If they leave now, how will they pay their bills, afford their home, access health insurance, get out of debt and help their families?


They feel trapped. Stagnant. Directionless.


They are exhausted with the 9-5 routine, pointless meetings and tasks, bills, not feeling connected or valued and relationship struggles.


They feel stressed and anxious. 


They want to feel sane, stable and purpose driven.


They need a believable exit plan and strategy.


They want to feel ease and excitement as they learn new skills and career paths.

They want more freedom.


They need to do “something” with their lives.


They want to "clean up" their work life, their energy/body feels and their eating habits.

They crave a passion filled, juicy life. 

Want to get less stressed so you can enjoy friends and family and start working towards your passions?


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We might be a match if you:

  • Love the idea of being a rebel spirit within the confines of capitalism.

  • Want to make a difference in the world and have a deep sense of "work doesn't have to be this way".

  • Are drawn to a balanced life, spirituality and intuition.

  • Wonder about meaningful and magical things.

  • Are drawn to the mythopoetic imagination and old stories being brought to present minds.

  • Enjoy continuous learning, and, watching TedX videos and listening to podcasts.

Clarity Call - Conversations to problem solve your stress and anxiety, plus, workable solutions to quitting your 9-5 and living a life you love. 

Make a Quitting Plana 30 day program to  help you seriously reduce your stress, and, make a real plan to quit and do what you're passionate about.

Craft a Life You Love - a customized three month training program to really reduce your stress, create and work a quitting plan and get you into a life you adore. 

We might not be a fit if you:

  • You love ‘things’ and ‘stuff’ and desire more cars, a much bigger house and other expensive bullshit.

  • You aren’t ready to be invested in the process. 

  • You aren’t ready to make big changes to your life in many small ways.

  • You don't believe being stressed out can have an impact on the health of your body.

  • You have strong right leaning political beliefs or you voted for ‘that guy’.

  • You enjoy being right all the time and believe you know enough