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Divine, supportive one-on-one accountability and attention. Let's work together!

It is possible to work less, play more and have a pleasure filled six figure business!

You deserve to enjoy your life and work and have lots of time for long walks in the woods, mimosas on your patio, and snuggles with your loved ones.

My strategic, clear, and action-packed mentoring will help you scale your business so you can finally have the freedom, lifestyle, and income you crave.

Let's work together!

I help healers, witches and priestesses create and scale their authentic, one-of-a-kind online businesses so they can have a consistent, reliable and increased income and get hired by their dream clients.

This mentorship is my highest level, most intimate, and most intensive offer!

The All-In Partnership

 This is a six months ridiculously supportive intensive program that starts with a personalized mini VIP day just for YOU. You and me. TWO hours of intense and intimate support so that you can hit the ground running, get all your questions answered, and set the foundation for our six months of work together.

 Then, we'll meet weekly, for the first three weeks of the month, in a one-on-one sixty minute video coaching meeting. You can tap in with me from anywhere in the world! Record each session and play it back on repeat so you can soak it up and implement actions to make more money and help more people.  


 You'll get unlimited Telegram access and support to communicate with me on the daily. Ask questions. Get answers. Drop copy. Get feedback. Talk about graphics, money mindset, any fears, limiting beliefs, and celebrations that come up. Use this for 'WTF moments', when you to shift your mindset, encouragement/inspiration to take action, and to celebrate wins and successes! Drop me a line any time and I'll get back to you within 24 hours (excluding weekends and holidays).


 PLUS access to ALL live programs and evergreen programs is included during our work together. That's over $10,000 in life changing content, available immediately. Shew! 

Investment: My work has changed to a partnership model. As you are investing in my business, I'm investing in yours. I offer a base rate plus percentage profit share of all new revenue model so that as your business grows, our collective profit and pleasure grows together.

The investment to hire me as your one on one business mentor is

$1555 a month, plus 10% of new revenue generated, paid on a monthly basis.

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You don't have to wonder or even imagine what results you might get when you choose me as your mentor. The benefits and results that my clients have had with the one-on-one, private sessions have changed their business and life. I have supported about 1,000 women with their wild and unique businesses in my five years of running this business. 


I work with...

  • Business Mentors and Coaches

  • Highly Sensitive People/Empath Coaches

  • Life Coaches

  • Operations Managers

  • Somatic Coaches

  • Yoga Teachers

  • Intimacy Coaches

  • Shamanic Practitioners

  • Akashic Record Readers

  • Energy Healers

  • Past/Future Life Regressionists

  • Sex, Love and Relationship Coaches

  • Polyamory Coaches

  • Therapists

  • Tarot Readers

  • Astrologists

  • Women's Cycle/Season Coaches

  • Priestesses

  • Herbalists

  • Nutritionists

  • Personal Trainers

  • And so much more! If it is woo woo and "weird" and feminine healing arts related, I'm the business mentor for you.

Watch, read, and take in what's possible for you by hearing their stories, and reading their testimonials, below!

TLDR, here are a few of my clients' results:

  • Creating their entire program suite, from one on one offers to group programs to VIP days and retreats.
  • Their first ever $1K through their business.
  • Their first $5K, $8K, $10K and $20K months, creating predictible monthly income they can rely on to pay their bills and go on adventures.

  • One client attained her highest monthly recurring revenue ever, and increasing, from $3K to $8K, within six months. 

  • One client launched a year long mastermind and celebrated her first ever $100K cash month. 

  • While working with me, many clients make their highest cash month ever AND their highest monthly recurring revenue ever, consistently.

  • Many clients create and launch high touch, intimate group programs that sell out again and again. 

  • Many clients make so much consistent, predictable money through their business that they are able to quit their day jobs or side gigs and go all in on their work.

  • Most clients have their biggest months, quarters and years ever, including a recent client who had a $30K cash quarter and made a $22K sale in one day!


Julie H. 


I loved your courage, your confidence in me and your clarity around my next steps to take. You helped me feel so confident that I can do my business my way, on my own terms.

It was so nice to have support when I got anxious or came up against my edge. You were very helpful in re-framing things for me! I would recommend working with Emily to anyone who wants to start their own business.


Alyssa J. 

Executive Assistant + Visionary

Emily Otto is an astute, thoughtful, and deeply empathetic individual.


She is attentive to her clients and provides knowledgeable guidance that only practiced and well-read professionals can do.


It is easily evident that she cares passionately about her subject material, her connection to her clients, and making a positive difference in this world. If you are reading this, take the plunge and open yourself to change.


Dana G.

Project Manager + Copywriter + Events Planner

After 30 days with Emily, I realized my journey was just beginning! I really appreciate our continued work together! We worked together for about a year. 

I really enjoyed uncovering new avenues of exploration that I had never considered, and looking more at what makes me tick to find my niche in this world.The biggest benefit I’ve received so far is a better direction on where to put my focus even in the midst of all the bizarre events this year has brought.

I have more perspective on where I think I should be compared to what is true for everyone going on this journey. I started networking more and built more confidence in my abilities.


Amelia A.

Somatic Business Coach

Emily helped me transition my business to coaching and be confident putting myself out there in another way. I've been part of masterminds and other coaching programs, but I really loved her message and work. I resonated with who she is as a person and was really attracted to her energy. 

Emily helped me grow in my personal life and business. It felt so deeply nourishing, supportive and intimate. She pushed me past my comfort zone during times when I really needed it. She held the vision I had for myself and business before I even had it. Emily helped hold me through the process of clarifying my business, offers and somatic program. 

During our time together, I had the most people ever enrolled in a program! I sold OUT my Black Friday offer and signed three one on one clients. I launched my new website and offers and clarified my ideal client and messaging. I hit my first $30K sales month and had my highest cash month ever, too!  Emily helped me have more belief in myself and I even hired an amazing social media manager! If you're considering hiring Emily, just do it. You won't regret it and you get what you put into your time with her! The daily accountability in Telegram and the weekly coaching calls were vital for me. Hire her. 



Sex and Somatic Coach

I greatly enjoyed and appreciated your support! It has been a more difficult time that anticipated, but gave me good direction in order to take big steps forward in my business.


I've had so many big ideas and good things come through! I look forward to the opportunity to work with you again in the future


Sybil S. 

Yoga and Health Guide

Emily is amazing. She walks you through a step-by-step system for transitioning from working for someone else to working for yourself.

She’s really great at holding your hand when you need it. She’s also one who LIVES her brand, which gives her great credibility. I highly recommend working with Emily!


Bevin S.

Cosmic Entrepreneur

I enjoyed the energy, ease, and confidence you brought to my desire of creating my own business. You helped me relax into the knowing that I can do it, that I can realize this big dream, and I can do it having fun and with ease.


You helped me break down the process into attainable steps, which helped me let go of my fears of not being able to take on and accomplish such a feat of quitting my day job and creating my own business.


I was able to let go of some big fears that were blocking me from going after what I really want with taking my life and service into my own hands and creating my business.


I got good guidance and practical steps to start creating my own business! Women who are ready to take the leap and commit to their dream of running their own business should work with you immediately!


Rachel O.


Working with Emily over the past few months has been delightful and enlightening. Throughout the process, she's helped me focus on the priorities in my life and she's encouraged me to go step by step in creating a plan.

I truly appreciate her ability to zoom out to see the big picture as well as zoom in to work on the day-to-day details. She has a gift for listening intently and asking insightful questions.

Emily is incredibly bright, well-educated, experienced, compassionate, analytical and supportive and I'm so thankful for her expert guidance during this time of transition!


Veronica P.

Somatic Relationship and Intimacy Specialist

Your coaching worked best for me when I could feel the fire of your heart and the purple of your intuition. When you dropped the basic advice or steps for what to do next and sunk into the energy field of who I am in any given moment. You described out loud thoughts I had been having for a long time, or visions I had underneath the thoughts.


There are things I have been embodying or teaching to clients FOREVER, but didn't realize I could show on the outside as a representation of who I am in business. From that realization, I made a few unconventional choices and dropped a few tactics that don't fit where I am trying to go. In many ways that means that the way I do business doesn't look like the way others do it, including Emily, but coming into alignment has made my day-today easier without needing to change much about my actual activities (like how often I email, or make content).


We worked with the feelings so I could move forward and get back into my effortless flow of creating and magnetizing fans and paying clients. The best part of all of this has been publicly owning what feels like naughty parts of me like the bog witch that just wants to change lives and then go back to being private. I am fully leaning into the truth that I can be charming, welcoming, and magnetic without having to perform 'goodness' or 'friendliness'. I will probably never be a "hey, girl hey!" in the DMs kind of coach and Emily let that be OK. I don't know if that sounds huge or small, but for me it is the thing that gives me infinite safety and permission to actually take up the space that is meant for me.


Let's get you super clear and confident, head-over-heels in love with your business, scalable offers, and clients!

Our time together is customized specifically for you, your business, and your growth - aka, we do what you need, when you need it!


I walk you through each step of clarifying, establishing, and scaling your business with you to ensure you're set up and aligned for the trajectory of success that you want most.


You'll feel clear, confident, and focused to build your biz and dropkick your day job, side-hustles, and more.


Immediate Access to $10K in Courses

You get immediate access to every single program I've ever created. This includes, but is not limited to, all the programs below! Additional details for each program are listed on the Self Study Courses page.

CEO ENCHANTRESS™ (Value $1,997)
CEO Enchantress™ my signature seven-week practical magic business school to help you up-level your Rebelle healing online business so you can make the income and impact you crave.

Sacred Sales Priestess is a seven-week devotional journey to help you enjoy sales, receive more cash, and support your people. Sink into your inner priestess and make your sales as an offering to the divine.

MAKE A PLAN (Value: $997)
A step-by-step guide to make your plan to start your business and quit your day job for good. This 9-module program is my super unique and focused program to help you finally figure out how to leave your job and start your purpose-driven business.

Learn how to connect to clients who want to pay you for your beautiful work in the world! This DIY pre-recorded business bundle will help you directly connect to clients who want to pay you.

A bundle of pre-recorded training modules will help you create your unique, signature program for your people. Stand behind your offer, know what to talk about, and get totally sold on the value of your work so that your people get sold too!

Hands, Heart, and Head In Your Business!

I'm going to be in your business with you! So add me to your FB group, hook me up with your newsletter, and send me all the sales page copy you've got so we can tweak, craft, and create it together.

You not only get me for mentorship and coaching, but you also get me behind the scenes supporting you with copywriting, branding, graphic design, and actual edits to your social media and outreach strategies.

I offer in-depth support you won't find from other coaches!

I'm the kind of mentor who leans in and helps you stick to your strategy, or, tweak it to work for you. 

Results background.png

By the end of this program, you’ll have a clear healing arts business that you love.


You’ll know where to place your attention to get the best results.


You’ll be a sensual, lean-back business maven who knows how to concentrate and focus energy on what actually moves the needle in your business.


You’ll be of deep service to your clients, and serve and show up the way you want to.


You’ll feel confident and own getting paid well for your work and you’ll finally have time for yourself, your friends, your family, and what lights you up the most.

Want to talk and see if this is the right thing for you right now? Click here to book a conversation with me!


What happens in that conversation? I'll ask you all about your business. What's working? What isn't? I'll tell you if I think we're a good fit to work together. You get to decide that too.


If so, I have immediate openings available in April 2024 for new one on one clients. Here you are, here I am, here we go. 

$1555/mo plus 10% of new revenue generated, paid on a monthly basis
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