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Selling doesn't have to feel cold.
Selling your work gets to feel sacred.

I'm sharing my "secrets" (not really secrets, btw) of how I made over $500,000 in cash selling from authenticity, alignment, and soooo much pleasure.

Selling doesn't have to...

▹feel forced or inauthentic

▹be something you have to do scared

▹feel cringy for you or your potential clients

Selling gets to be...


▹aligned and empowering



▹a sacred and synergestic experience

Are you ready for that kind of experience in your healing arts business?

Enroll in Sacred Sales and the Wounded Healer masterclass (it's just an hour) and learn how to change your relationship with selling and make more money.

Get the Masterclass for $111

I want you to have this for free because the world needs YOUR valuable gift of healing.

Plus these Bonuses!

▹Swipe files and scripts for sales calls and emails
▹ Journal prompts for business breakthroughs
▹Guided meditations to help with the sticky mindset blocks



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