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Do the work you're called to share with the world

If you've landed here, it's because you want to do your beautiful healing work in the world and make the income and impact you know you deserve.


You deserve to actually enjoy your business, with a schedule that works for you and your family, that brings in reliable income.

We'll create the foundation to scale your online healing business that works on your schedule and has you making consistent monthly income with play, pleasure, and passion!

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Rebelle Business Mentorship

This is my customized six-month one-on-one mentorship program.

Six months of customized mentoring to help you feel clear and inspired creating and scaling a business you adore. 

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Rich Witch VIP Day

This is my one-day, one-on-one intensive.

Create and scale the witchy, woo-woo, abundant wildly successful business of your dreams in ONE day. 

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Rebelle Mastermind

Join me and a magickal group of women for six months of cultivating your dream witchy business and life you love!

It has everything I wish I had when I was seeking support, structure, and community while building my authentic business.

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Wealthy Witch Retreat

No more wondering what you should do next in business or crossing your fingers that what you think you should do will hopefully work. Flush out the details of your aligned, magical business and offerings for this upcoming season, quarter, or year while basking in the goodness of other witchy women!

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Sacred Sales Priestess

My seven week devotional journey to help you enjoy sales, receive more cash and support your people.

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CEO Enchantress™

Become a CEO Enchantress in 7 weeks!

Make money using your healing gifts without selling your soul while being genuinely, authentically you with our leadership development program. 

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Sacred Sales & the Wounded Healer

Learn to sell from a sacred space.

Self-paced, part channeled and part divine intervention, all practical magic biz strategy masterclass. $111


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Feel confident and empowered to start your biz and quit your day job!


$25 Webinar (eBook)

This book is for you, dear healer. I crafted it so that you could have a simple tool that isn't just "shouting into the void" on social media. Your potential clients need ways to know, like a trust you so that they can invest in hiring you and being massively supported by you! This is one simple and strategic way to do that.


Inspiring Quitting Stories: A collection of stories from real people who quit their job to do something they love

How did they decide what they wanted to do in the world? What made them finally quit their corporate job and do work they loved? How did they make the transition from corporate day job to doing work they enjoyed that also paid their bills?

Grab this book and get your heart, hands and eyes on real stories from real people who did the thing.

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