Work With Me

If you've landed here, my guess is that you are stressed out, frustrated and craving a magical, purpose driven life. 


You want to do your beautiful healing arts work in the world...but you also want to make the income and impact you know you deserve.


It took me years to figure out “what I want to do with my life” and how to do work that lit me up and was of service to other people. 

I became an Intuitive Business Coach to help others like me ---like YOU--- to figure out their unique authentic business plan faster and without as much pain and frustration.

Today, I help magical beings grow their online healing arts business, while making consistent income and having massive freedom.


They want to do rewarding work that gives them more time to enjoy life, but feel trapped needing to make money and don’t know how to start a new career that still pays their bills.

I teach them to confidently step into work they love so they can make a living with flexibility and freedom and finally do their destiny work.

Who I Work With

I work with magical beings who want to do their work in the world while making consistent money and enjoy their lives.

I work with humans who are service focused, heart centered and want to create a foundation for a unique, online healing arts based business so they can quit any jobs that aren't serving them.

What We Do Together

You deserve a life you adore that lights you up and brings you reliable income.


You deserve to actually enjoy your business and run it based on your schedule, with a structure that works for you and your family.


You deserve all the juicy, joyful pleasure that can come from loving your life and work!

We will create the foundation, and scale, an online business that works on your schedule and has you making consistent monthly income with play, pleasure and passion!

My Coaching Programs

Rebelle Business Mentorship

This is my customized six month one on one mentorship program.

Learn how to build your business in pleasure and play so that you can finally drop kick your day job and never look back!

Mindset, strategy and action.

Six months of customized one on one business mentorship to help you feel clear and inspired creating a business you adore. 

Rebelle Mastermind

This is my incredible group coaching program for magical beings who want to create and up level their work in the world!


It has everything I wish I had when I was seeking support, structure and community while building my authentic business.


CEO Enchantress

My signature seven week practical magic business accelerator program!



Sacred Sales Priestess

Sacred Sales Priestess is a seven week devotional journey to help you enjoy sales, receive more cash and support your people.



DIY Business Coaching Bundles

Self paced $99 business coaching bundles to help you get results, at your own pace, and at a sampling of an investment!

Grab Creating Your Signature Offer that Sells


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