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Six Figure Healer
Everything you need to build and scale a six figure healing business.

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Are you ready to step into being a Six Figure Healer NOW?

⚡️ Scale and refine your business to reach consistent five-figure months with pleasure, play, and joy.

⚡️ Actually set your business down, and not work every night and weekend, and have more freedom because of it (most of my clients work 10-20 hours a week in their business).

⚡️ Enjoy your business. Isn’t that why you started it in the first place? But somewhere along the line, making cash to pay bills resulted in hustle and you’re ready to drop that story and create an overflow of good feels and cash and clients.

⚡️ Trust yourself and your own intuition and business so deeply that you make decisions with speed, ease and immense joy.

⚡️ Love your work, and love your life, while being deeply and thoroughly supported to your next level of business ownership.

12 Weeks to increase your income and impact, deeply trust your intuition, and create intimacy with your audience and clients. 

Month One (June)
Amplified Business Foundations. 

Who are you becoming as the CEO of your business? What is your program suite? What is your brand?

Month Two (July)
More Soul Money

How do we make more money in a joyful, ethical way? How do you deepen into relationships with clients and loved ones? How do you become the deepest, most powerful and authentic version of you?

Month Three (August)
Increased Pleasure & Clients

How do you let even more in? How do you speak your truth powerfully online and in person? How do you create aligned business pivots and new offers?


What do you get over the course of 
Six Figure Healer?

WEEK ONE: Phoenix Formula and Identity Based Transformation. This is the coaching methodology I'm certified in and I'll teach you how to identify and align with your next level of self so you can have the money and business you crave.

WEEK TWO: Soul Clients and Deep Purpose, Who’s your next level client and how do you talk to them? I'll show you how to tap into the universe and your current and future clients!

WEEK THREE: Signature Offer Suite to SCALE. We will break down and build up your programs, offers and courses so that you can effectively scale a six figure business year after year. 


WEEK FOUR: Rockstar Next Level Branding and Swagger. What you want is on the other side of your fear of being "too much"! 

WEEK FIVE: Soul Money and Sacred Sales. Making fun, joyful money comes through soul work and knowing how to make sales that feel good to you and your clients.

WEEK SIX: Consistent High Cash Months ($10K, $20K, $40K+). What does it take. to make consistent high cash months?

WEEK SEVEN: Your First $100K Cash Month. Yes, I've helped a client land this amount of cash and yes I'm going to teach you the strategy and wealth mindset for how. we did it so you can too.

WEEK EIGHT: Sacred Intimacy and Next Level Relationships. Want deep relationships with clients, partners and friends? 

WEEK NINE: Multiorgasmic Money and Expanded Pleasure in Life and Business. I'll teach you embodiment tools to break through upper limits, glass ceilings, and allow more pleasure and money to flow into your business. 

WEEK TEN: Your Platforms of Influence (podcast build out, email lists, FB groups, in person events). We'll choose them for you and build a marketing strategy too!

WEEK ELEVEN: Selling In Person Retreats and VIP Days. Juicy and impactful high ticket offers that scale! 

WEEK TWELVE: Multidimensional and Passionate Pivots - how to always make money. Wanna change your business or how you're making money? I'll teach the art of how to burn it down and Phoenix it up without burning out. 

Results from Six Figure Healer

 Craft your messaging (website, emails, social media captions, etc.) so that it speaks to the right people at the right time.

Refine, edit, and tweak your signature offers so that they sell like hotcakes.

Know the type of marketing strategy and content creation to have consistent six figure cash flow!

Hone your unique style of marketing and branding so you can help more people (thousands) and make more impact in the world. 

Fully step into your leadership, feeling confident, aligned, and empowered about what to do next in your business expansion.

Make more consistent monthly income so that you can focus on only doing work you love, outsource the rest, and take time off to relax, play and enjoy your life.

Learn how to cultivate and carry a connected and engaged community, to keep your energy and core message alive!


What's Included?

​Group coaching and mentorship alongside step by step teaching and training for how to create and scale a six figure healer business.

  • Weekly live coaching calls with guaranteed time for your questions and my answers on every aspect of your business. 

  • Three well timed marketing, copywriting and content feedback calls. Pull up your sales page, your graphics or your content post and I'll help you make it exceptional! 

  • Unlimited access to our private Telegram group for posting all your questions and late night musings and getting well supported as you build and scale your business. Get answers and support from me within 24 hours M-F.

  • A downloadable PDF spellbook to help you craft abundance and use rituals to weave magic through every aspect of scaling your six figure business.

  • BONUS for this first round ONLY! THREE, 30 minute one on one coaching calls to be used during the program. 

WHO am I and why Six Figure Healer?
I'm Emily Otto, Rebelle, Inc! 

I help healers, witches and priestesses nail their offers and marketing to help more people and make more money.


  • I am a healer of healers. My healing modality is heart centered marketing, sacred sales and a purpose driven life. 

  • I spent 15 years hiring people and selling and marketing corporations from 30 people to 300,000 people.

  • I hold my BA and MA in Psychology and am a certified psychic intuitive and Self Made Academy certified transformational coach.

  • I quit my six figure salaried career after my son was born, showing me in real time that life is too precious to waste doing things we don't LOVE.

  • I invested in courses hoping if I cobbled together marketing, social media strategy and cute graphics I would finally have a six figure business.

  • I made my first six figures through my own unique methodology of structure, flow and ritual and getting consistent mentorship support from amazing business coaches. 


Now, I have a five year old business I adore and I get to help magical women, like you, craft a seriously fun business so that you can cultivate more pleasure, play, and joy in every aspect of your life. My clients consistently have their biggest cash months ever and sell out their programs with joy, pleasure and play!

IMG_1412 2.heic

Dear Healer,

I want you to know that you get to have it all. The dream life. The deeply connected and soulmate partnership (and moreships). The house or homestead or woods you’ve always wanted. You get to have it all.

It’s all on the other side of fear and a plan. Fear of being wildly successful and trolls posting on your vulnerable IG post, friends drop kicking you and people disagreeing with you. Fear of failure and getting crickets from launching a program you care about into the world. Fears of being too much, and not enough. Fear of never being able to have and hold that amount of money. Fear of not knowing how to create it, and, what to do when you get “there”.

You need a plan. A plan for how you want to work with clients, on repeat, in a way that makes you good money for the work that you do together. A plan for your heart centered marketing. A plan to make sales feel good every step of the process, aka Sacred Sales. A plan for how to launch and deliver programs and services and scale your business.

I’ve worked with over 1,000 healers in 5 years of running a successful online and in person business helping women, just like you, to get everything they want.

What you want has never existed or been created. That’s why the thousands of dollars you’ve spent in programs has helped you, but, it wasn’t THE thing that changed everything. That’s why your work sells well, but it still feels like you have to hustle or burnout to get it all done. That’s why it feels clunky, frustrating or like six figures is far away…even though it isn’t. 


Your business and life are unique to you. Therefore, your business model, marketing strategy and content also need to be unique to you, dear healer. This can be frustrating, exhausting and daunting. It gets to be uplifting, game changing and completely transformational once you figure out how to use your healing super powers to your advantage in your business. That's what Six Figure Healer is here to help you do.

I’ve used everything I’ve learned in 5 years of business, including 5 years of being inside of the best one on one coaching and mastermind mentorship I could find, plus 20 years’ in marketing and working with people’s dreams and desires, a BA and MA in Psychology, to bring to you this magnum opus of a program so that you can nail your first six figure year and beyond.

Six Figure Healer contains absolutely every tool, method, skill and fear blasting framework you need to go from having an OK business to a wildly successful six figure a year business. Join me for this 12 week LIVE program. Your journey begins June 4, 2024. 

Magick required to take your business to six figures and beyond

Sensual Strategy

Create a beautiful business structure so that you can embody your full feminine creative flow. I'll help you create and refine the exact services that work best for you. Then, we'll take that offer suite and craft an aligned marketing and social media strategy so you have structure for your magic flow to play in. 

Illuminating Intimacy

Devotional attention to detail is INTIMACY.  What do your dream clients want? What style of business, marketed and sales works for you? I'll teach you how to both listen to yourself and to your clients so you can create things that help them and sell well. 

Sacred Sales

The art of the sale is a sacred space.
Make yours a divine invitation. I'll show you how to charm your clients in and create an empowering sales process you'll enjoy repeating again and again.

Heart Centered Marketing

Marketing methods that speak from your heart, with love and intention, directly to your dream clients. I teach the fastest, most comprehensive way to make good money with a small audience of people you adore working with.

Six Figure Healer is for you if…

  • You’ve been in business awhile and you’re great at what you do, but you want to make more income, immediately. 

  • You aren’t making consistent six figures a year yet and you know you could and want to sooner rather than later. You dream of having a sizable savings account, and predictable monthly income at higher and higher levels ($10,000 months and more).

  • You have a deep desire to maintain the integrity of your business, focus on creating beautiful and informational marketing and putting your purpose driven work into the world. You want to sell evergreen/self study programs, live programs, one on one work, masterminds and more. You want all of your work to feel juicy, easy and in alignment. 

  • You want to invest in “one program to rule them all”, AKA one super high touch and intimate program that’s going to give you all the tools you need to learn how to run, have and hold a six figure business.

  • You want to help lots of people, maybe even hundreds of thousands of people, through your unique  healing arts business. This business could be focused on energy healing, past life regressions, shamanic work, business and marketing coaching, life coaching, intimacy, sex, love, relationships, healing body ailments, movement arts, dance, Akashic records readings, past life regressions, nutrition and food coaching, spell casting, rituals, magick and other occult arts. Basically, if your work is weird and helps other people, I’m likely the business mentor for you.

  • You don’t want cheerleading and coaching, you want mentorship and teaching and training, that you can use and get real feedback. I'm teaching you real strategies and tools while mentoring you on your business structure, marketing and sales. 

  • You trust the power of your work and your ability to deliver it. You KNOW what you have is gold, you’re really good at it, and you want to figure out how to scale it while maintaining the intimacy and connection to your clients so that you can make more money with less frustration. 

  • You want a method and model of doing business that feels good, lights you up, gives you tons of time and money freedom and makes great money. 


Results from my group coaching programs!


Tress, Life Coach

I'm clear in being able to talk about what it is that I'm doing, which makes me way better at DOING it.

I'm way more focused in how I talk about it, how I present it, and how I work through it with my clients!

My clients get results better, faster and stronger.

My friend and mentor told me my energy has completely changed - I'm confident, I know what I'm talking about, and it comes across in a completely different way.

From being in the Rebelle Mastermind, I've met astounding people who have pushed me to grow and learn and experience new things!

I have fresh perspectives that come in all the time so I don't feel like I'm stuck in an echo chamber and swirling in my own thoughts. I always have someone fresh to talk to.

All of that together really energizes my life!

Six Figure Healer
begins JUNE 4TH!

This is a $5,000 program.

It includes live coaching, personalized attention, a custom crafted PDF spellbook, a step by step curriculum and training, but for this first enrollment ever it is just $2,500! 

$2500 PIF
$888/mo for 3 months
$444/mo for 6 months


Check out what past clients have celebrated!




How long is the program?

12 weeks! We start JUNE 4th. You are signing a contract to pay and participate for twelve weeks of this program. Extended payment plans are open and all payments agreed to must be paid per the contract.  


This program is structured to teach you everything you need to know to make six figures through a healing arts business. The action is all yours. The teaching, mentorship and rebellious leadership is all mine. I'm right there alongside you, and, you've gotta do the work to get the results!

How do I get support?

Get support ANY time! Ask your question in our private Facebook group and get real feedback and coaching from me and your mastermind sisters. Go live and meander toward greatness. Post your graphic, content and copy and ask for help. Share your Google Doc outline for your sales page. Check in on creating a strategy for your next launch or selling out your one on one coaching.

Ask ALL of your questions related to business and lifestyle mentorship, tag me in, and get feedback within 48 hrs during the work week (my team is off on weekends, holidays and vacations!). 

Join the LIVE training program focused on THE work that moves the needle in conscious, cosmic and soul driven business. These are thoughtfully curated programs with live training and coaching and Q&A sessions!

What if I change my mind?

No refunds, magical babe. This is a 12 week program with a variety of payment plans. Building a conscious cosmic business is not easy...think of this program as your biggest dose of therapeutic discomfort. It will stretch you!


You have a desire to grow and change things for a reason, and growth and change isn't always comfortable, but I promise to support you through each twist and turn during our work together. I will always give you my best and I believe in you and your work in the world!

Can you guarantee specific results?

Nope! I fully believe in my work and coaching and in your ability to take action and achieve your own results for your business. That said, I can’t guarantee any specific results because goals will be built around your specific desires so it will all vary client to client.

What if I have more questions? Is this right for me, right now?

Great - book a call if you'd like to talk all about it! Schedule a call here.

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