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Saturday, September 30th

10AM to 5PM

Amplify + Activate

A one day women’s leadership and empowerment retreat experience

On the campus of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Hi there, I'm Emily Otto, REBELLE INC.


I'm a healer for healers and my modality is business, marketing and sacred sales. I'm creating this AMPLIFY + ACTIVATE experience so you can fully step into and own your leadership and power in these times of trouble. The world needs you. I need you. Your people are waiting.


Let's fcking go. 

A day long retreat experience for women that will leave you feeling up lifted, overjoyed and empowered AF about your life, love and business.

This is not a snooze fest boring buttoned up networking event where you leave feeling more drained and burned out than when you entered. 

We don't have time for another boring meeting that sucks your soul dry and leaves you yearning for real connection, real magick and real activation. 

This is for you if you're ready for something earth shaking and life altering. 

This is a day long retreat and empowerment embodied experience exclusively curated for rebellious women.


You're here for so much more than a boring job and endless checklists.  


You crave depth, connection, expression and experiences that move you. You want it all...and you know you get to have it. Your soul seeks nourishing experiences and I'm going to deliver this to you in one powerful day. In this one day experience at AMPLIFY + ACTIVATE, I'm going to lead you through to fully feeling and claiming your leadership.

YOU are a Rebelle––
a rebellious femme who seeks
alchemy and transformation


Get ready to be lit up. Get ready to feel energized in every area of business, love and life. Get ready to be wildly supported by sisterhood and community. 


At the end of this epic day in a ballroom on the campus of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, you will feel deliciously empowered, lit up and inspired to do your work in the world.


You'll slam the ballroom doors wide open and exit the room after a full, immersive experience of being massively supported by sisterhood, energy and action. This one day event will change your life and business. 

This event is hands and heart wide open, embodiment, somatic practices, guided meditations and all the beautiful, useful tools to cultivate a delicious life. 

You'll get to experience and enjoy being fully taken care of and nurtured toward your fullest expression of your leadership and power as a rebellious woman. 

✺ Ecstatic dance

✺ Breathwork

✺ Ritual and Ceremony

✺ Leadership

✺ Energy Healing

✺ Meditation

Business Training

✺ Sacred Sales

...and so much more alchemy awaits!

♕ Claim, have and hold every delicious thing you desire in life, love and business. 

 Learn and immediately utilize mind, body and spiritual tools to step fully into your leadership and authority. 

 Be surrounded and heard by women who are like you - unique AF and crafting their own beautiful path in the world. 

 Activate the keys to feeling deeply capable of having the business and life of your dreams 

Don't settle for mediocre. Expect magic.
Claim everything your heart is craving. 

Join me LIVE in Ann Arbor, Michigan on

Saturday, September 30th, 2023!

This one day one of a kind event takes place in a freaking BALLROOM on the campus of the University of Michigan!


Join me at this incredible, historic location and be mesmerized by it's beauty and majesty while you get to be massively, deliciously supported and nurtured to your next level of life and business. 

WHO is Amplify and Activate for?

Women who want to change the world.

Women who have a soul driven business.

Women who are entrepreneurs and are craving depth and connection.

Women who are done feeling isolated, alone and "not good enough".

Women who know they're meant for so much more.

Women who are rebels, leaders, and healers.

Women who identify as priestess, witch, or mystic.

Women who are just a little bit too wild, rebellious or simply "too much".


(subject to change due to whims, intuitive hits and wisdom)

9:30 AM Registration, Goodie Bags, Sisterhood Connection & Guided Meditation Experience Opening Ceremony.

10 AM “Why Your Why Matters and How to Lead from Within” with Cait Finn!


11 AM What does it mean to lead from the heart of the feminine? Training, teaching and deep dive embodiment experience led by Emily.

Noon to 1 PM BREAK for lunch


1 PM Owning your power and shouting it from the rooftops...or screaming it into the moss at the bottom of a tree. What does it truly mean to speak your truth, share your wisdom and own your leadership in person and online? Panel discussion and Q&A session.

2:00 PM Breathwork Experience with Caitlin Jarvis!

3:00 PM TBD Keynote by Emily


4:00 PM Bubbly Celebration (champagne and non-alcoholic options available) and Networking.

WHY should you attend?

You crave a magical experience that empowers you to fully own and embody your power, authority and leadership.

You are ready to drop the BS stories and believe deeply in yourself and your work, and you want someone else to cosign it too (HI, that's me).

You're craving depth, intimacy and sisterhood and you want it yesterday. 

You want to learn even more about standing in your leadership and speaking from that space and you want to do it with like minded souls in a one day retreat experience unlike anything else the world has ever seen. 

Let's do this...together. 


Next one happening MAY 2024

Get Your Super, Duper Early Bird Ticket Below

Quick and Dirty FAQ!

When is it?

Saturday, September 30th from 9:30AM to 5PM!

Where is it?

At the Henderson Ballroom inside of the Michigan Union on the campus of The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA!

What hotel should I stay at?

The event is in downtown Ann Arbor and many amazing hotels and AirBnB locations are available! The closest hotels are the Inn at the Michigan League or Bell Tower Hotel or Graduate Ann Arbor.

But, I want more!!

Join me for six months of my heart, head and hands on your business inside of the Rebelle Mastermind!

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