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Business Transformation
for Witchy Women

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 Join me and a magickal group of women for six months of cultivating your dream witchy business and life you love! 

Are you ready to...

⚡️Scale and refine your business to reach consistent five-figure months with pleasure, play, and joy.

⚡️Actually set your biz down, not work every night and weekend, and find more wild abundance because of it (most of my clients work 10-20 hours a week in their business).

⚡️Enjoy your business. Isn’t that why you started it in the first place? But somewhere along the line, making cash to pay bills resulted in hustle and you’re ready to drop that story and create an overflow of good feels and cash and clients, all at the same time.

⚡️Trust yourself and your own intuition and business so deeply that you make decisions with speed, ease and immense joy.

⚡️Love your work, and love your life, while being deeply and thoroughly supported to your next level of business ownership.

Six Months of Scaling Your Magickal Online Biz
in a Supernatural Sisterhood


You want to scale and grow your magickal business so that it can pay all your bills, have the freedom to go flutter outdoors whenever you feel like it, and spend time with your babies, family, pets, and friends.


You’re tired of grinding away and not getting anywhere. You feel like you’ve followed all the steps and rules to running an online biz, but something is off.


You’re not making the money you want to. You don’t have a consistent revenue every month and it’s stressing you out.


You’re wondering what is off and why is your magical business NOT feeling magical at all?

I'm Emily Otto of Rebelle, Inc! 

I help healers, witches and priestesses nail their offers and marketing to help more people and make more money.

I was in Corporate Human Resources for 15 years and hated most of it. I finally quit my job to start my business after my son was born needing multiple open heart surgeries.


Life is too precious to waste doing things that don't light up our souls.

Now, I get to help CEO Queens, just like you, to craft a seriously fun, magical business so that they can cultivate more pleasure, play, and joy in every aspect of their lives.

The Rebelle Mastermind was created because I know that group programs in deep sisterhood are what really move the needle in creating a healing business that works.

YOU are invited to join me in the Rebelle Mastermind!

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In what ways are you not aligned with your business?

Are you selling and marketing in a way that makes sense for you, your schedule, and your personality?

What do you need to feel lit up about your offerings?

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It’s not like your business isn’t working,

it’s that you want more monthly cash flow that you can count on!

What's missing in your business?
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Sensual Strategy

Create a beautiful business structure so that you can embody your full feminine creative flow.

Illuminating Intimacy

Devotional attention to detail is needed. Learn how to stay focused on connection, listening, and alchemy.

Sacred Sales

The art of the sale is a sacred space.
Make yours a divine invitation.

You’ve thrown money at courses, programs, and even one-on-one coaching that weren't that effective.

But you're not ready to give up because you can FEEL IT IN YOUR BONES that a successful online biz aligned with you is possible.


 You don't want to do it alone.

 You’re craving REAL results and a deep sisterhood.


 You want to feel supported by a coach who understands your woo-woo, witchy, and healing business.


 You want eyes on YOUR content and business, not just some blanket, general application of ideas.


 You want coaching that will give you precisely what you need to apply to your biz.

The Rebelle Results.png

 Craft your messaging (website, emails, social media captions, etc.) so that it speaks to the right people at the right time.

Refine, edit, and tweak your signature offers so that they sell like hotcakes.

Know the type of marketing that works for you and your ideal frequency to keep your business front of mind and have constant cash flow!

Hone your style of connecting with your people and being of deep service to your community and clients.

Feel confident, aligned, and empowered about what to do next in your business when you sense the next level of expansion.

Make a consistent monthly income so that you can focus on only doing work you love, outsource the rest, and take time off to relax, play, and explore.

 Learn how to cultivate and carry a connected and engaged community, to keep the energy and core message alive!

Inside Mastermind.png

The Quick + Dirty Overview

​Group coaching and support through creating and scaling a six figure healer and spiritual entrepreneur business. ​

  • THREE Zoom video coaching calls with Emily every month.

  • Access to all fresh, live training I run during your time in the program, and, to every program I have ever created (over $10,000 in value).

  • Unlimited access to our private Facebook group for posting all your questions and late night musings and getting well supported as you build and scale your business.

  • Oodles of recorded video content, templates, workbooks and tools to support you and your work in the world. 

 NEW STARTING MARCH 2024 - - - LIVE coaching calls, on the first three Mondays of the month at 1PM EST!


These 60 minute coaching calls are for hot seat spot coaching on any question you have. It could be on mindset, strategy, structure, ritual, ceremony, celebration, visibility, marketing, content and so much more.  Show up, raise your hand, first come first serve within the 60 minute session!


 Your All Access Pass to every live course I run during our work together!


These courses are LIVE programs with training sessions with plenty of time for Q&A too. On their own, these programs are $555-$1111 each! But for you, they're included!

These programs will be curated for Rebelle Mastermind members and related to common themes coming up in the group (i.e. how to run a thriving FB group, stacking and overlapping reoccurring monthly payments, magnetic marketing, charming clients in, creating programs that WORK and sell, launch strategy that doesn't suck, and more) so that you can build and mold your business in a way that aligns for you!

 Unlimited access to our private Facebook group for posting all your questions and late-night musings, and being well-supported as you build and scale your business.

This is your GO TO PLACE to go live for up to three minutes and ask your questions, post content and copy and get feedback and support, and share all of the thoughts that keep you up at night and hold you back from your greatness (How do I land a client for this program? Can I really make good money and help people? What if I fail? What if I'm a wild success?).

Post as often as you desire and tag me to get real coaching and feedback within 48 hours (during the work week, excluding weekends and vacations).

✔ Custom crafted recorded content and training programs and real online tools to help you create a six figure business that is built to scale. Over $10,000 in recorded programs to help you figure out your niche, what programs and services to offer and how to market them so you make sales and help people.

I've been doing this work for over five years and I've created templates, tools and trainings specifically for women in healing arts businesses that work both online and in person.

Rebelle Mastermind Background.png

Tress, Life Coach

I'm clear in being able to talk about what it is that I'm doing, which makes me way better at DOING it.

I'm way more focused in how I talk about it, how I present it, and how I work through it with my clients!

My clients get results better, faster and stronger.

My friend and mentor told me my energy has completely changed - I'm confident, I know what I'm talking about, and it comes across in a completely different way.

From being in the Rebelle Mastermind, I've met astounding people who have pushed me to grow and learn and experience new things!

I have fresh perspectives that come in all the time so I don't feel like I'm stuck in an echo chamber and swirling in my own thoughts. I always have someone fresh to talk to.

All of that together really energizes my life!


The magic starts as soon as you sign up! No waiting for the first sisterhood call to start soaking up all the wisdom. These resources are included for all you spellcasting sisters.

Get these goodies immediately!

MAKE A PLAN (Value: $997)

A step-by-step guide to make your plan to start your business and quit your day job for good. This 9-module program is my super unique and focused program to help you finally figure out how to leave your job and start your purpose-driven business.

WILD SUCCESS (Value: $555)

Tap into your delicious, unique and wild success!

WEALTHY WOMAN (Value: $997)

A two week activation to embody your full wealthy woman. Keys to creating your wild, delicious life full of financial and time freedom.


How to show up online, help people and make bank.


My signature launch methodology so that you can fully connect to the heart of your work, sell your program, service or offer into the world, and sell OUT with ritual, embodiment and celebrations too.


Reclaim your leadership, authority and power and sing and shine from your heart. You are meant for so much greatness!


Learn how to connect to clients who want to pay you for your beautiful work in the world! This DIY pre-recorded business bundle will help you directly connect to clients who want to pay you.


A bundle of pre-recorded training modules will help you create your unique, signature program for your people. Stand behind your offer, know what to talk about, and get totally sold on the value of your work so that your people get sold too!


Action packed and juicy vidoes and trainings!
🗝 Six-Figure Healer: Your New Normal
🗝 The Energy of Consistent Clients & Cash
🗝 Legend Masterclass
🗝 Time Training: How to work with what you have

🗝 Content and Copy that Converts and Sells

🗝 How to Make More Sales of Your Long-Term, One-on-One Coaching Program

🗝 Other People's Audiences: How to Sell Masterclass

🗝 How to Close the F*ck Outta Your Sales Calls

🗝 Short Snappy Videos that Sell

🗝 Money Magick and Multiorgasmic Money Level 2

🗝 Consistent Cash 2023

🗝 Rich Witch's Guide to the Universe

🗝 How to Make Consistent $1k, $6k, $10k and beyond per month

Rebelle Mastermind

Check out what Rebelles have celebrated!

Stellar Results from Real Witchy Women in the Rebelle Mastermind




How long is the program?

Six months! You are signing a contract to pay and participate for six months of this intuitive business Mastermind. Enrollment is on going and open! Join any time during the year. You may elect to join for additional rounds after this one!


Most of my clients end up working with me for a year or more because I can help you go from zero monies in your biz to multiple six figures. The action is all yours. The mentorship and rebellious leadership is all mine. I'm right there alongside you, and, you've gotta do the work to get the results!

How do I get support?

Get support ANY time! Ask your question in our private Facebook group and get real feedback and coaching from me and your mastermind sisters. Go live and meander toward greatness. Post your graphic, content and copy and ask for help. Share your Google Doc outline for your sales page. Check in on creating a strategy for your next launch or selling out your one on one coaching.

Ask ALL of your questions related to business and lifestyle mentorship, tag me in, and get feedback within 48 hrs during the work week (my team is off on weekends, holidays and vacations!). 

Join the LIVE training programs focused on THE work that moves the needle in conscious, cosmic and soul driven business. These are thoughtfully curated programs with live training and coaching and Q&A sessions!

What if I change my mind?

No refunds, magical babe. This is a six month program with a six month contract. You can pay month to month or pay in full at the beginning of the program. Building a conscious cosmic business is not easy...think of this program as your biggest dose of therapeutic discomfort. It will stretch you!


You have a desire to grow and change things for a reason, and growth and change isn't always comfortable, but I promise to support you through each twist and turn during our work together. I will always give you my best and I believe in you and your work in the world!

Can you guarantee specific results?

Nope! I fully believe in my work and coaching and in your ability to take action and achieve your own results for your business. That said, I can’t guarantee any specific results because goals will be built around your specific desires so it will all vary client to client.

What if I have more questions? Is this right for me, right now?

Great - book a call if you'd like to talk all about it! Schedule a call here.

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