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Join for just $88 a month!

Open enrollment closes Saturday, July 13th.

I am so excited to welcome you to the Rich Witch Collective!

A membership to help you take consistent, joyful action in your business so you can make lots of money and help lots of people.

What's included for Rich Witch Members?

LIVE group coaching with me every FRIDAY!


A Facebook group open 24/7 to post and be supported in sisterhood.


Weekly ask me anything posts where you can ask ME questions and get direct feedback, mentorship and answers during our weekly live coaching session in the group!

All-access pass to so many of my exceptional training programs from 1 hour long to 10 modules long, over $6,000 in business, empowerment and visibility training! 

Make a Plan: My signature seven week program to help you drop kick your day job for good.

Six Figure Healer Foundations: This is the foundation of what you need in your business to make six figures!

Wealthy Woman: Wealth upgrades, money mindset and actionable daily rituals to help you call in more and have it too.

Premium Priestess: This three part series will connect you to your inner priestess, help people and make good money.

Wild Success: A five module coaching program for wild women, priestesses, witches and rebel healers to have massive wild success through energetics and embodiment.

Siren: In three modules, we'll go through how to share all of yourself, online, in a safe, vulnerable and intimate way that truly connects you with your clients.

Create Your Signature Offer That Sells: This bundle of pre-recorded training modules will help you create your unique, signature program for your people.

Connect to Paying Clients: This business bundle will help you directly connect to clients who want to pay you.

Cosmic Courage and Cash: This is for you if you KNOW you could show up and shine online...but you aren't.

Rich Witch's Guide to the Universe: Create consistent content, clients and cash.


Charm Clients In, Launch Like a Priestess, Uplevel Your Business, Confident Queen, Magic Messaging


Inspiring Quitting Stories, 100 Content Prompts, $25 Webinar


Get all of the details on which ones and how they will help you get visible, stand in your leadership and get paid by dream clients, right here! 

Monthly Full Moon Ecstatic Dance Ritual! Join me every month to conjure your dream clients, create embodied breath and dance together, and have fun too!

Start and scale your dream magical, healing arts business doing work that feels so easy it's like you’re cheating magic because you're calling in clients who pay you for your gifts, time, and brilliance.

Join for just $88 a month!

Open enrollment closes Saturday, July 13th.

As a Rich Witch Member, you get live mentorship sessions, pre-recorded trainings, ecstatic dance ceremonies, and deep sisterhood support.

I'm here to help, guide, mentor, and coach you so that you...

↠ no longer feel stuck


↠ drop the "broke healer" trope

↠ stop being fearful about putting yourself out there and wondering if what you're putting out there is good enough


↠ drop kick being scared you'll eff it all up and have to go back to a regular job because no one will buy it OR the opposite - you're afraid you can't handle the pressure of true success


Let me guess, you're thinking something like...

✶ You need accountability, training, and ongoing support so that you can grow and scale your business.

✶ You desire to learn from someone who's already doing the witchy-woman work and shares the ins and outs of running a healing-arts business.

✶ You enjoy diving into trainings on your own so that you can get specific advice for YOU and YOUR business.


How long is the membership?
It starts with a 3 month minimum commitment. After that, you can stay on or cancel anytime. The membership is ongoing! When you join, you get immediate access to ALL training programs and our live Facebook group!


What if I change my mind?

No refunds, magical babe. But I will always give you my best and I believe in you and your work in the world! You can cancel at any time.

What if I miss the FB live coaching stream?

You'll have access to listen to the recordings! Feel free to submit your questions prior to the call and I'll still answer them even if you're not able to join live!

Can you guarantee specific results?

Nope! I fully believe in my work and in your ability to take action and achieve your own results for your business. That said, I can’t guarantee any specific results because goals will be built around your specific desires so it will all vary client to client.

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