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Stop the Overwhelm and

Learn to Quit with Clarity

You’re burned-out and frustrated to the point of tears.


You’re dreading your Monday morning drive to the office. You’re exhausted with the corporate routine, pointless meetings and to-do lists and not feeling valued.


You’ve finally hit your “last straw” at your 9-5 job and you are done.

You want to quit, and make a big life change.


You want to start your own business, but you have bills to pay and although you have an idea of what you want to do for work, you aren’t quite sure how to do your own work that can support you.


You know you can't quit tomorrow, but you know something has to change within the next year because this amount of stress and anxiety isn't sustainable.


You are overwhelmed and know you can’t continue working a job that’s draining you and keeping you from having quality family time and launching your own business. 


If you could just feel less anxious and have some time to yourself, you could learn something new.


You could get super clear on the right steps to take to finally leave Corporate America for good. 


You could focus on starting a side gig and creating your own business. 

But, you feel trapped.


It’s as if you’re on a hamster wheel and you can’t get off.


The weight of Monday blues has you dreading the office, your coworkers, your boss and the piles of work waiting for you.


You know there must be a way out but you just can’t seem to get past the worry and fear. 

What if you could figure out

how to quit your job and

finally do work you love?

Imagine not dreading Mondays and handling office stress like a boss. 


You feel calm, cool and collected. You’re committed to yourself and your own ideals of what you want your life to look like. You can see now that your 9-5 job is helping you reach your goals.


You welcome your commute because you’re using this time to learn and develop your hobbies and passions into your business. 


You’ve realized you can do your job, but not give it everything you have, because your own dreams matter more.


Long, boring meetings don’t feel as painful because it gives you time to scribble all of your ideas and plans for your own business. The corporate work doesn’t matter as much as it used to, because your work is now your top priority.


You no longer stress out at fire-drill emails and office politics because you’re done playing that game. You’re focused on creating your own business and being of service to people. You show up, are less stressed, and are ready to work for yourself. 

Your dreams of freedom, flexibility and doing work you love are becoming reality.​

Does this sound familiar?


  • You’re afraid you’ll be stuck working a job you hate, forever.

  • You want to quit your soul-sucking job, but it doesn’t even seem possible that you can do something you love and pay your bills.

  • You know you could make time to work on your own business if you could stop feeling so stressed and anxious every day.

  • You’re scared the amount of stress you’re under at work is hurting your marriage, kids, friends and health.

Hi, I’m Emily.

I help burned out 9-5ers create an action plan to quit their jobs and start a business of their own. 


They want to do rewarding work that gives them more time to enjoy life, but feel trapped in their soul-sucking jobs and don’t know how to start a new career that still pays their bills. 


I teach them to confidently step into work they love so they can make a living with flexibility and freedom.


Feel Clear, Calm and Confident

As a result of this program you’ll…

  • Feel clear and confident in yourself and your plans so you can quit your job while minimizing your work stress.

  • See the possibility to create a life with freedom and flexibility so you can finally focus on yourself and your family.

  • Learn how to focus on work that matters to you. Craft your purpose in the world and enjoy spending your days doing things you care about while making a living. 

  • Have specific coping techniques for sticking it out at your job a bit longer so you can reach your goals. 

What You’ll Get...

Goal Clarity
Before our work together, I’ll send you a fun and easy form to complete online to help me better understand the stress of your day job, what your goals are around quitting and doing your own thing, and what values matter most to you.


Coaching Call
In our 60 minute one on one call, we’ll identify your life and work priorities, create unique-to-you stress coping techniques, and figure out how to let your day job serve you.

You’ll get clarity on creating your own work, paying down debts + building savings, and get a realistic view of quitting your 9-5.

By the end of our call you’ll feel confident that you’ve got what it takes to stop working for the man and start working for yourself.


Do the Work Guide
I’ll send you a curated list of tools and resources for managing your work stress and staying focused on crafting your purpose in the world, and a worksheet that will guide you to meet your goals with ease.

​This concise and easy to use guide will help you meet challenging work days with grace while staying on the path to quit and start your own business. 

Inspiring Quitting Stories eBook
When you’re trying to quit your job and doing something you’ve never done before, it can be really hard to stay motivated and believe the dream can be reality.

That’s why I made this e-book! It’s a collection of 12 stories from real people who quit their jobs to do what they love.

These incredible stories from real people will help motivate you to do what YOU love.

Work Check In
Two weeks later we’ll check in to see how your goals and stress management plans are working! In our 30 minute call, we’ll discuss the Do the Work Guide and ensure you are fully supported to stroll into your 8am meetings with ease because you’ve got a plan.

You’ll leave this session feeling competent in your plans and fully resourced to do work you enjoy.

You Can Be Calm + Quit Your Job

You can finally learn how to block out the corporate noise and stay focused on quitting your job. 

I can help you figure out how to deal with your 9-5 burnout while getting clarity about your work in the world. 

Price: $197


Let’s get started!


Step 1: Make your payment and book your call here.


Step 2: Within 24 hours of making your payment, you’ll receive an email from me with your prep work.

Step 3: Then we’ll talk and get you started on feeling less stressed, and more clear, so you can get on the path to quitting your job.


Have questions? Email me!

Happy Clients with Great Results


Rachel, Audiologist

Working with Emily over the past few months has been delightful and enlightening.


Throughout the process, she's helped me focus on the priorities in my life and she's encouraged me to go step by step in creating a plan.


I truly appreciate her ability to zoom out to see the big picture as well as zoom in to work on the day-to-day details.


She has a gift for listening intently and asking insightful questions.


Emily is incredibly bright, well-educated, experienced, compassionate, analytical and supportive and I'm so thankful for her expert guidance during this time of transition!


Alyssa, Executive Asst.

Emily Otto is an astute, thoughtful, and deeply empathetic individual.


She is attentive to her clients and provides knowledgeable guidance that only practiced and well-read professionals can do.


It is easily evident that she cares passionately about her subject material, her connection to her clients, and making a positive difference in this world.


If you are reading this, take the plunge and open yourself to change.


Kim, Teacher

After working with Emily, I feel so much more aligned with my daily vision. I feel like I'm putting myself, not my job, first. 


I am so glad I did her program! I knew exactly what I needed to do to have a successful first day working at home.


I get to choose how I want to do my work. 


I feel fully resourced with the plans we crafted together and know that I can go back through the worksheets and change things as my vision changes. 


One reason I did this work was my insecurity around money. I didn't have anyone who would assure me that it's OK to quit and do my own work in the world.


Emily helped me feel like it was OK to make this leap. 

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