Rebelle Business Mentorship

Six Month Mentorship Program

Build and scale your healing or spiritual business with pleasure and play so you can have the income and impact you crave

Six months of strategic, clear and action packed one on one mentoring to help you scale your business so you can finally have the freedom, lifestyle and income you crave.

You deserve to enjoy your life and work and have lots of time for long walks in the woods, mimosas on your patio and snuggles with your loved ones.

It is possible to work less, play more and have a pleasure filled work-life!

I help healers and spiritual entrepreneurs create and scale their authentic, one of a kind online business so they can have reliable income and connect to their dream clients.

This is my highest level, most intense and intimate coaching container!

This is a one on one customized mentorship.

We’ll do what you need, when you need it!


I’ll walk you through each step and together we will ensure you end our six months of work feeling clear, confident and focused to build your biz and drop kick your day job.

Work with me for six months to feel super clear, confident and in love with your business, programs and clients!

Hey there, I’m Emily. 

I help rebelle healers and spiritual entrepreneurs nail their offers and up level their messaging so they can help more people and make more money.


Praise for the Rebelle Business Mentorship!


Julie H. 

Solopreneur Therapist

I loved your courage, your confidence in me and your clarity around my next steps to take.


You helped me feel so confident that I can do my business my way, on my own terms.

It was so nice to have support when I got anxious or came up against my edge. You were very helpful in re-framing things for me!

I would recommend working with Emily to anyone who wants to start their own business


Alyssa J. 

Executive Assistant + Visionary

Emily Otto is an astute, thoughtful, and deeply empathetic individual.


She is attentive to her clients and provides knowledgeable guidance that only practiced and well-read professionals can do.


It is easily evident that she cares passionately about her subject material, her connection to her clients, and making a positive difference in this world.


If you are reading this, take the plunge and open yourself to change.


Dana G.

Project Manager + Copywriter + Events Planner

With my initial expectation of the Make a Plan program, I thought 30 days would be plenty.


But after doing a lot of work with Emily I realized my journey was just
beginning! I really appreciate our continued work together!

I really enjoyed uncovering new avenues of exploration that I had never considered, and looking more at what makes me tick to find my niche in this world.The biggest benefit I’ve received so far is a better direction on where to put my focus even in the midst of all the bizarre events this year has brought.

Also, I have more perspective on where I think I should be compared to what is true for everyone going on this journey.


I started networking more and built more confidence in my abilities.


Sybil S. 

Yoga and Health Guide

Emily is amazing.


She walks you through a step-by-step system for transitioning from working for someone else to working for yourself.

She’s really great at holding your hand when you need it. She’s also one who LIVES her brand, which gives her great credibility.

I highly recommend working with Emily!


Bevin S.

Cosmic Entrepreneur

I enjoyed the energy, ease, and confidence you brought to my desire of creating my own business.


You helped me relax into the knowing that I can do it, that I can realize this big dream, and I can do it having fun and with ease.


I feel like you helped me break down the process into attainable steps, which helped me let go of my fears of not being able to take on and accomplish such a feat of quitting my day job and creating my own business.


Working with you I realized I have everything I need inside me already to be successful. I was able to let go of some big fears that were blocking me from going after what I really want with taking my life and service into my own hands and creating my business.


I felt like I got some good guidance as well as practical steps to start creating my own business!


Women who are ready to take the leap and commit to their dream of running their own business should work with you immediately!


Rachel O.


Working with Emily over the past few months has been delightful and

Throughout the process, she's helped me focus on the priorities in my life
and she's encouraged me to go step by step in creating a plan.

I truly appreciate her ability to zoom out to see the big picture as well as
zoom in to work on the day-to-day details.


She has a gift for listening
intently and asking insightful questions.

Emily is incredibly bright, well-educated, experienced, compassionate, analytical and supportive and I'm so thankful for her expert guidance during this time of transition!

Monthly Program

Month #1 - Get Clear

Learn to set actionable goals, get super focused on who YOUR people are and how you can best serve them with all of the incredible healing arts tools you have studied and now practice.


Month #2 - Get Visible

Uncover your personal brand, learn to deeply trust your intuition and

take strategic content creating action.


Month #3 - Get Serving

Connect directly with your dream clients and peers, consistently sell your programs and services, while learning client attraction and magnetism.

Month #4 - Get Intimate

Craft messages and systems that work for your thriving business, cultivate intimacy with your audience and scale your business plans to build the life you've always dreamed of.

Month #5 - Get Bold

Create soul driven offers, automate administrative and tech tasks and step fully into your business.


Month #6 - Get Your Biz

Make a growth and scale plan, figure out your first hire/contract employee, discover and build ways to collaborate with other biz owners.

What's Included

Immediate Access Support


Life Purpose Deep Dive Intake Forms

Complete this soul based, astrology focused questionnaire and form so I have a full understanding of where you are, what lights you up, and how I can best support you.


Voxer (walkie talkie app) availability to send messages at any time.

I respond Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm EST, and within 24 hours!


Use this for WTF moments, help shifting mindset and taking action, celebrating wins and successes, etc.

You get me in your back pocket every week to help you build the business and life you deserve.

Access every recorded training I have available so you can up level your mindset and strategy immediately!

You get immediate access to all of my training programs!


Hop into my Rebelle Mastermind Resources and Rebelle Vault for 100+ hours of video training, support, worksheets and badass business templates!​


If you're working to quit your 9-5 job, immediately access and move through all nine modules of Make a Plan!


Tune into Sacred Sales, Charm Clients In and any other badass recorded programs I create!

Read and digest my eBooks!

Inspiring Quitting Stories, Make a Plan & Stop the Anxiety will be sent to your inbox immediately after registering!

Video Coaching Calls


60 minute video call (18 total!) intensives every two weeks to ensure we’re taking the right action steps at the right time for your business.

These intensives are where we'll have deep breakthroughs on your strategy and mindset so that you can efficiently help more humans and make more consistent income.

You get to have fun, feel good and have a successful business you adore!


Join me LIVE for CEO Enchantress, my three week business incubator to help you nail your marketing content and copy to call in your dream clients with ease!


By the end of this program, you’ll have a clear, online healing arts business you love.


You’ll know where to place your attention to get the best results.


You’ll be a sensual, lean back business maven who knows how to concentrate their time and energy on what actually moves the needle in their business.


You’ll be of deep service to your clients, and serve and show up the way you want to in the world.


You’ll feel confident and paid well for your work and you’ll finally have time for yourself, your friends, and your family.


Ready to take a deep dive adventure of working together for six months to fully crafting a life and business you fall in love with again and again?

Click below to schedule a totally free discussion and see if this is the right support for you!