Six Month Mentorship Program

Start your business from pleasure and play so you can drop kick your day job

Six months of strategic, clear and action packed one on one mentoring to help you start and expand your business so you can quit your day job with ease and finally have the freedom, lifestyle and income you crave.


As this is a one on one customized mentorship, we can dive in deeper for any part of the program!We can change focus, add tools and pivot at any time.


We’ll do what you need, when you need it! I’ll walk you through each step and together we will ensure you end our six months of work feeling clear, confident and focused to build your biz and drop kick your day job.

Work with me for six months to feel super clear, confident and in love with your plans to quit your day job and do work that lights you UP!

Hey there, I’m Emily. 


I help burned-out 9-5ers to make a clear and confident quitting plan so they can do what they love. 


I help Corporate Workers go from frustrated and done to empowered and passionate. 


I help them start their own business, so they can help other people through their work and enjoy a work-life full of flexibility and freedom.

Monthly Program

Get Clear

Learn to set actionable goals, craft the vision for your business and

create a schedule that works for you.


Get Visible

Uncover your personal brand, learn to deeply trust your intuition and

take strategic content creating action.


Get Serving

Connect with your clients and peers, create unique packages that sell and

learn client attraction and magnetism.

Get Sexy

Craft sassy, sensual messages, create intimacy with your audience and scale your biz plan.



Get Bold

Create high end offers, automate administrative tasks and step fully into your business.



Get Your Biz

Make a growth plan, your first hire, discover ways to collaborate with other biz owners.

What's Included

Immediate Access


Life Purpose Deep Dive & Get Clear On Your Calling intake forms so I have a full understanding of where you are, what lights you up, and how I can best support you.


Voxer (walkie talkie app) availability to send messages at any time. Use this for WTF moments, help shifting mindset and taking action, celebrating wins and successes, etc.


Access to my complete vault of recorded webinars. Start by watching How to Quit Your Job, then dive into Your Corona Inspired Quitting Plan and finally, tune into What Do I Do, If I Don’t Do This Job? 


My eBooks, Inspiring Quitting Stories, Make a Plan & Stop the Anxiety. 


Scheduled One Time


Make a Plan Guides! Hand selected just for you, my most impactful set of step by step, strategic program guides will help reduce your stress and increase your chill.


Clarity Call! A one hour Clarity Call to go over your current work-life balance, all the things that are stressing you out at work, and how to make impactful immediate changes for the better.




60 minute video calls twice a month to ensure we’re taking the right action steps at the right times.


Each week we’ll move closer to your goals of starting your business and drop kicking your day job so you can live a life of freedom and flexibility that’s full of passion and play.


By the end of this program, you’ll have a clear, service-based online business you love.


You’ll know where to place your attention to get the best results.


You’ll be a sensual, lean back business maven who knows how to concentrate her time and energy on being of service.


You’ll be of deep service to your first paying clients, and/or start to serve and show up the way you want to in the world.You’ll feel confident and paid well for your work and you’ll finally have time for yourself,your friends, and your family.

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