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Wealthy Woman


Embody your FULL Wealthy Woman

July 24th - August 5th

A two-week-long live activation.

How to get, have, and hold e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g you want in life, relationships, and business

For the woman who wants it all.

Rewrite your DNA with the keys to wealth for all wild women.

✺ Secret sisterhood


✺ Ritual

✺ Invocations

✺ Deep transformation


✺ Teaching modules + live activations to fully feel and embody your wealthiest life right here, right now.

Sunset Portrait

♕ Claim, have and hold every delicious thing you desire.

 Learn mind, body and spirit tools to activate your rich witch and wealthy woman to fully create your premium priestess.

 Be surrounded and heard by women who are like you - unique AF and crafting their own beautiful path in the world. 

 Activate the keys to your wealthiest life in all aspects of career and business, relationships and love and spirituality too. 

Don't settle for mediocre. Expect magic.
Claim everything your heart is craving. 

Two Week LIVE Program with teaching modules and deep coaching!


Starts Monday, July 24th, and goes through Friday, August 5th!

Modules are delivered to your inbox that morning!


Module #1 The Universe Wants You to be Rich

Training Day 2: The energetic embodiment of your Wealthy Woman

Training Day 3: The three body-mind-spirit keys to wealth

Training Day 4: Activating your millionaire mindset

Module #2 How to Get and Have It All


Module #3 Dangerous Women & Rich Witches

Training Day 5: Become a divine channel

Training Day 6: The #1 shift that changes everything

Training Day 7: Receive wild abundance

Module #4 The Art of the Full Feminine Life

Call times:

Tuesday's @ 11 AM EST

Wednesday's @ Noon EST

Thursday's @ Noon EST

for the duration of the program.

FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) Final WEEK 

$1111 PIF

Payment plans available!
(Live program ends August 5th)

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