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Donation Based ONLINE Dance + Yoga Class

Tuesdays 7-7:30PM


Tuesdays 7:00-7:30 PM​

March 17th through April 7th, 2020

Lucy Price, 200 HR RYT and Personal Trainer/Performance Artist and Emily Otto, 300 HR RYT and Life Purpose + Job Freedom Coach, are offering a donation based 30 minute ecstatic dance and beginner's yoga class - online in your own home - via video!

We're responding to the need for play, fun and movement while respecting and honoring social distancing practices so that we limit exposure and spread of Coronavirus.

This 4 week session will run through Zoom video, which allows you to watch from the comfort of your own home, and practice a mini dance session and then beginner's yoga flow, together!

You can be anywhere in the world, in your own home, and practice with us. 

This program is completely donation based, pay what you can. 

If you would like to send a donation to Lucy and Emily for this mini ecstatic dance and beginner's yoga class, you can send an online donation to PayPal here!

Signing up is totally free, just click below to get the info for the Zoom call!

If you would like to have private personal training or yoga classes, please get in touch with Lucy Price directly


"When you're stressed, that last thing you want is another thing on your plate, taking up time you don't have right? It's counter-intuitive, but the Defuse Your Work-Life (SOS) program is totally worth it! The daily emails were short and sweet.

Putting Emily's suggestions into practice can be done whenever you have time, and however in-depth you want to dive into it. And you can come back to them whenever you need a reminder since they're sitting in your inbox. When I signed up, I was dealing with a lot of issues at work, and it was making me a frazzled, angry mess all the time. All the issues that stressed me out before I did the program are still there.

What this program helped me do was re-frame how I respond. I'm calmer and more prepared mentally to deal with the crazy. No program can magically take away the stress out of life, but you can minimize the impact of those stressors in your life." - Defuse Your Work-life program participant, Kristi

"Emily offers strong, wise, practical coping mechanisms to buttress our efforts to thrive and excel, from home to workaday lives." - Defuse Your Work-life (SOS) program participant, Laura

"Emily is so true to her nature and herself. She is honest and open and teaches me to be the same. Through her work, I am able to learn (through her modeling of best practices) how to be more perfectly aligned with myself and let go of what isn't serving me." - Defuse Your Work-life (SOS) program participant, Krista