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If I don't do this job, what do I do?

A 90 minute interactive workshop to guide you toward your passions.

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If I don't do this job, what do I do?


Wednesday, February 26

7:30-8:30PM EST


When we're working a full time corporate job, it can be hard to see that there are any other possibilities.


One thing I hear often is, "but this is all I know, if I don't do this, what do I do?"

Follow the thread of what you love. You are a complex, multifaceted amazing human being! You have "done" many things. There are many options. In this 90 minutes training we will go through the four major categories of what to "do" for a career/money/vocation, as well as the next steps on how to create a Sustainable Action Plan (SAP) to move toward quitting your day job and trusting your dreams.

This webinar will be recorded and sent out, for anyone who is unable to attend day of!

Just for committing to your passion this season, I'm including FREE bonuses!


When you sign up to attend this interactive workshop, I'll schedule our FREE 20 minute STRESS BANDAID call AND send you my five minute guided audio meditation for your morning drive to work


There are so many possibilities of how to work in this world!

I would love to help you connect with yours.

Spaces are limited to just 20 in order to make this interactive training super hands on and actionable!

As a result of this webinar, you will be able to better choose your next job or next step in your career. You will feel more resourced and less stressed. You will feel solid and understand your empowered choices better. 

Sign up today to secure your spot. Just $25. 60 minute training + recording. FREE 20 minute 1:1 coaching call. FREE 5 min guided audio meditation.