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Make money using your healing gifts

without selling your soul
while being genuinely, authentically you.


Become a CEO Enchantress in 7 weeks!

Make money using your healing gifts without selling your soul while being genuinely, authentically you with our leadership development program. Contact us today for a consultation.

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Rebelle Inc. offers Business Consulting Services and additional online resources for business development and management.

Can you relate to any of these, Enchantress?

You know a bajillion magical systems (reiki, tarot, astrology, divination, spells & rituals- OH MY!) but you have no idea how to combine them into YOUR SIGNATURE THING and build a brand that attracts your dream clients.

You have a clear image of your magical offerings, but no freakin' idea how to get your broom off the ground. You want money and way more freedom to go run off in the woods, play with those you love, 

You have a magic-biz that’s making some money, but you’re not seeing the consistent monthly income or experiencing the impact you ACTUALLY desire. I'm going to help you create the foundation to get it.

You already have a six-figure business, but you’re missing the intuitive, practical magic. You're burned out, frustrated, and ready to throw in the towel.


You keep posting but hear crickets instead of cha-chings!

You feel frustrated after buying all the courses, not implementing them, or not seeing results.


Yet, you have a strong feeling and sense that it is possible to have a magickal business that you love and that makes you money.

You want less stress and hustle, and instead more pleasure, play, empowerment, and enchantment while building and scaling a REAL successful business!

Relate to any of those? You're not alone.
And no, I didn’t read your private journal entries.

I’m here to help, guide, mentor, coach, support, encourage and hold the big-ass space for your tiny-ass fears so that you...

① no longer feel stuck


② broke


③ anxious about bills, filling your fridge or paying your rent or mortgage


④ fearful about putting yourself out there and wondering if what you're putting out there is good enough


⑤ or scared that you'll eff it all up and have to go back to a regular job because no one will buy it OR the opposite - you're afraid you can't handle the pressure of true success

Start and scale your dream magical, healing arts business doing work that feels so easy it's like you’re cheating magic because you're calling in clients turned BFF’s who pay you for your gifts, time, and brilliance.

You’re gifted and you’re brilliant. It's time to create and cultivate a brand that’s dripping with your magic and overflowing with pleasure.

Discover the missing magic, the hidden formula, the specific spell, and the siren-secret that’s necessary to call in five-figure months like the powerful enchantress you are – because YOU are the magic.


Okay, maybe a little sage-smoke just for fun, but I promise you this program is powerful, potent, and incredibly illuminating; shining light on what won’t work for you while highlighting the magic (that’s specific to you because it IS you) that’ll generate the success you’ve been yearning for.


Join the practical-magic business accelerator and unleash your gifts, leverage your power and abilities, and summon the success that your witchy-ass, holy-healing, magic-based biz seeks with CEO Enchantress™.

Fascinated, but not totally convinced? 

Look fence-walker, this is your chance to jump if you don't want to wait another minute to become a CEO,OOO of your own online healing business.
If you're ready to start and scale your business and cultivate your wildest manifestations now,  this is your chance.

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Permission to banish limiting energies
and your addiction to struggle.


Let me guess, you're thinking something like...

✶ But Emily, I'm not even sure what I'm doing, who my best clients are, or the problem I'm solving.

✶ I’m a bit jaded and cynical. I've tried other programs before; I've paid coaches and I’m not any closer to the magical life and business I thought I could have.

✶ I’m fully aligned with my amazing business or idea, but I'm missing S O M E T H I N G to make it phenomenal, but I don't know what it is!

✶ If I only knew the perfect strategy to create an online business that lets me take my partner to lunch, take fun trips, and do things I love, THEN I could blow this blasé popsicle stand and makes REAL money.

...because I thought that too.


OMFG, hi, have we met? I’m Emily Otto.


​I'm a Rebel Business Mentor for Rebelle Healers, Priestesses,  Witches, and Wild Women. Ex-corporate employee. Totally bypassing my gifts and NOT doing work I loved. 

I was miserable but still chugging along, doing what I thought I should do as a rule-following good girl. Until I disrupted old beliefs of an old system and broke through my own mental blocks and decided to ding-dong-ditch a lifestyle that no longer aligned.

I quit my job. Went to Burning Man.
Ran out of money. Took two side gigs so I could invest in business coaching and pay for childcare while I built my brand until I could generate $5,000 a month in my business.


Goodbye watercooler! Hello mimosas and magical mocktails while I worked on my witchy business that’s generated more wealth than would have ever been possible in my j-o-b.



And look, I know it seems like everyone has a shiny object they’re waving on screen and in front of your face. If you’ve bought courses, programs, or even a PDF, you might feel turned off. Jaded. And afraid.  

Even though it’s not advised by a lot of online business coaches to point out the elephant in the room on a sALeS pAgE,  I’m going to point out the strong, beautiful creature anyway and say what NEEDS to be said:

✶ Over half of my amazing clients have experienced coaching trauma from past programs. Oof. That stops now – I got you.

✶ I designed this program to be different and helpful.

One, because you are different.

Two, because I didn’t start doing this work from the place of “how can I make a shit ton of money” but from the space of “how can I HELP people?”

✶ You’re not client #1895. You’re a powerful and unique Enchantress, deserving of a CEO title and a bank account to back it up.

In this program, I guide you through practicums and theories and hold the space for you to face the fears that stop you from your adventure.

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I feel more clear on how I speak and market to my people! My content sticks with my people, I know exactly who I'm serving and have consistent monthly income with my dream clients!

Emily's program was the missing puzzle piece!
CEO Enchantress Quote.png
You have amazing ideas and are able to break things down into simple workable steps!
CEO Enchantress Quote.png
I love working with you! Your ideas, insight, inspiration, knowledge and you are just plain fun!

Each module is a clear topic from business strategy, action, and different techniques so that you can turn your business into a thriving magical money-making practice.
Each module is accompanied by a hand-crafted magical spell that I originally designed to get my business to where it is - and I’m passing it on to you!


Your Golden Heart: Niching

Ancestral Invocation

I know, I know, you've done all the niching BS, but, not like this. Your golden heart is the CORE of your why and who. This needs to be crystal clear so that you can channel your people to you! Who do you serve? What problem do you help them solve? This is the foundation.

Your People: Connecting to Paying Clients

Practical Intuition

Once you know who you want to connect with, you need people who want to pay you. How do you do that? Let's demystify how to connect to your dream clients, destiny thread clients, and paying clients. It's all about the language, babe. We'll dive into module two, with your clients in mind. 

Your Mystic Charms: Signature Services

Astrology Nodes, Chiron and Black Moon Lilith

Yes, it goes in this order for a reason. Who do you help? How do you connect to them? And then, what are you offering them? During module three, we craft your signature services! This is all about creating maximum magic impact in the world. Create, tweak, and uplevel the ways you're working with people so that they can pay you and be supported by you.

Your Vocation: Copy and Content Writing

Fire Meditation

You have a calling, a vocation, and a purpose-driven business for a reason, but now you have to be clear with your written content. This week we'll cover storytelling, writing clear copy for your website, and seductive, sensual, and magnetic content. Your vocation will call them in during module four.

Practical Magic: Social Relationships

Clairvoyant Energy Cycles

Practical Magic happens in social relationships. This is the heavy yummy power you've been craving. What do you do? How do you connect to people? How do you create authentic relationships that not only weave and support but also sell and make money? Module five invites the practical into the magic to weave the web you're seeking.

Sacred Sales and the Wounded Healer

Call Rituals

A key to a successful healing business is selling, but we have so much gunk around sales! If it makes you cringe and twinge a bit, this week is for you, bae. Sales are allowed to be sacred. Sales are allowed to be a service. Sales are about giving to and serving your client - and you get to receive too! We'll dismantle the wounded-healer and step fully into your embodied Chiron and Lilith. Sacred Sales is key during module six.

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Into the Unknown: WTF Do I Do Now?

Future Life Progression

Cue Elsa, Into the Unknown - - - NOW WHAT? How do you scale to $5k months and consistent cash and then six figures and beyond? This module will give you a glimpse into your future, seer skills required and taught. 

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Pre-recorded modules on each week's topic so that you can watch, review, take notes and hit replay as often as you need!

I'm giving you the absolute juiciest downloads and structured training on each weekly topic so that you can watch, absorb and rewatch to get it all. Each module is less than an hour and will give you the exact structure, strategy, and action steps you need to have a successful online healing business.

One Page Rebelle Worksheets to support and guide your progress!

Each module comes with a structured PDF/Google Doc worksheet to help you streamline your thoughts and actions in your purpose-driven biz!

A Weekly Rebelle Healing Embodiment Ritual

A 10-20 minute weekly healing embodiment ritual will be taught via pre-recorded modules. These rituals are the exact ones I used to build a six-figure business. An online healing business requires your human body, mind, and spirit to be in alignment with your intention, goals, and focus. These practices will teach you the magic of the Practical Magic Healing Biz Accelerator. 

Guided Meditations & Journaling Prompts 

Meditations to help you rewire your mind and prompts to help you do it all right!


How long is the program?
7 modules total! This is a self-paced, online course. Go at the pace that feels best for you.


Is there a scholarship available?

Not at this time.

What if I change my mind?

No refunds, magical babe. But I will always give you my best and I believe in you and your work in the world!

Can you guarantee specific results?

Nope! I fully believe in my work and coaching and in your ability to take action and achieve your own results for your business. That said, I can’t guarantee any specific results because goals will be built around your specific desires so it will all vary client to client.

Consulting Services:

Rebelle Inc. offers Business Consulting Services and additional online resources for business development and management. Contact us here to arrange a consultation.

By the end of CEO Enchantress™, you will...


🗝 Deeply know who your work is for and be able to articulate it with confidence.

🗝 Trust yourself and your unique strategy for building and scaling a successful healing business you adore.

🗝 Have a series of magical tools and rituals available to help you lead and make money.

🗝 Thoroughly embody, own, and call in your four and five-figure months with ease.

🗝 Enjoy yourself as you run your business with pleasure, play, and joy, first.

🗝 Be supported in community and sisterhood through the expansion and up levels that are cultivating a purpose-driven business.

🗝 Fall in love with your work, your clients, and your life over and over again.

Stop waiting for practical magic to happen to you.

Cast the spell that conjures your dream business.

Alchemize your current business into a model and brand you adore.


Pay Full at $1997


12 Payments of $197


Fascinated, but not totally convinced? 

Look fence-walker, this is your chance to jump if you want to become a CEO,OOO of your own online healing business.
If you're ready to start and scale your business and cultivate your wildest manifestations NOW, well this is your chance!

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