CEO Enchantress


CEO Enchantress is a three week business school to conjure the impact and income you crave through up leveling your marketing, content and copywriting!

This program ONLY HAPPENS in late summer and early spring.

Next LIVE session happens August 24th!

A three week magic soaked adventure to conjure a business you adore!

This is for you if...

This intensive adventure is for magical beings who want to know what to do, and when to do it, to get pleasurable results and freedom in their online, healing arts based business!

Here's what it might look like if you need the marketing support of CEO Enchantress...

  • You keep posting but you're hearing "crickets" and no one is buying.

  • You aren't 80% clear on what you do, who it's for and what problem you're solving for your clients.

  • You know a bajillion magical systems (reiki, tarot, astrology, pendulum, runes, intuition, psychic and more) but you have no idea how to combine them into *YOUR THING* and market it to your people.

  • You've invested in programs or coaching before but it wasn't the game changer you were hoping for - over half my amazing clients have had *coaching trauma* - I got you, boo This is different. You are different. I can hold you through it.

  • You have been craving support, up leveling your amazing business and SOMETHING but you aren't quite sure what.

You might have the thought, 

If only I knew the *right strategy* to have an online business that makes money, I could blow this popsicle stand and go ALL IN on my dreams.

Yeah, I said that too.


And, after over 20k of investments in business and marketing training and coaching, I can tell you point blank there’s no magic strategy.


Creating a successful online healing arts business happens in much the same way as exercise or meditation practices.


The right methodology is the one YOU WILL USE.


So, what’s the right strategy to create consistent income and impact?


The one you will use.


How the hell do you figure that out?


Trial and error, or, hop into an amazing container with a mompreneur strategy coach who has been there and done that and can guide you to the right strategy for you.


I only teach in this way twice a year and it’s coming up in my birthday month - August - just for you!

What You’ll Get...

Welcome to your light-speed incubator to fast results in your beautiful biz!

Week 1 - Your Golden Heart (Niching + Dream Clients)
Week 2 - Your Mystic Charms (Services + Copywriting)
Week 3 - Your Practical Magic (Marketing + Selling)


Three modules, three worksheets, three Q&A recordings from our past sessions.

Each week you'll get a LIVE Q&A session to accelerate your alchemy and magic integration!

Stop waiting for practical magic to happen to you.

Cast the spell that conjures your dream business.

Alchemize your current business into a model and brand you adore.

Join an amazing community of heart centered business owners on this journey to create the foundation of a work-life you can fall in love with again and again.

Let's GO! XOXO, Emily