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CEO Motherhood: Boobs and Babes and Bad*ssery

Yes, CEO boss moms with babes on boobs are the new normal.

I was on a sales call with another momma and we both showed up late, and, with babies on our boobs.

We laughed. It was great.

She wanted to know all the things about how the h e double hockey sticks I had a six figure online business WHILE having a baby and a toddler.

I gave it to her straight. I told her all my secrets.

I'm gonna tell you all my secrets too...I have support.

For my business, baby, body, brain and backend (tech automation FTW!).

When I was pregnant, I was in one on one business coaching with a mindset and magnetism queen, because I knew that was what I needed.

I didn't know what I didn't know...but I knew hiring a business coach who had literally BEEN there and DONE that would help me figure it out.

I finally allowed myself to have the support I really needed.

When I had a baby, I still had one on one business coaching, and then hopped into TWO epic AF sisterhood masterminds because I knew I could do this...with support.

I've learned SO much about how to create different types of online healing businesses, and make them work.

The actions, strategy, program creation and resiliency are mine.


I have a successful business because I get support, take serious action and choose to have a successful business.

I have support for my biz, and my body and brain through a dedicated yoga practice and holistic dance practice, and with backend because I'm a tech geek and REALLY GOOD at systems and automation.

In my Rebelle Mastermind, I'm going to teach you how to have a successful AF business YOUR way that works for YOU.

You get to be supported.

Yes, I can teach you all of these things.

Yes, you don't have to do this all alone.

Snag THIS LINK to hop on a free vid call and see if we're a good fit and if you're interested in hiring me to support the ever loving begeezus outta you for the next six months.

XOXO, Emily

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