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Babies, Boobs, and Bad*ssery (The NEW Norm for the CEO Working Mom)

Yup! CEO boss moms with babies on the boob is the new normal.

I joined a sales call on video with another momma. We both showed up late and with babies on our boobs. We laughed. It was great.

We were on the call because she wanted to know all the things about how the the h*ll I had a six-figure online business WHILE having a baby and a toddler. I gave it to her straight.


As a business mentor who supports healers, priestesses, and witchy women, I'm gonna tell you all my secrets too... shhhhhh.

I have support. I have support for my business, baby, body, brain and backend (tech automation FTW!).

Business: When I was pregnant, I was in one-on-one business coaching with a mindset and magnetism queen, because I knew that was what I needed.

I didn't know what I didn't know, but I knew hiring a business coach who had literally BEEN there and DONE that, would help me figure it out too.

I finally allowed myself to have the support I really needed.

And then I joined a second, epic AF sisterhood mastermind because I knew I could do more ...with support.

Body and brain: I have support for my body and brain through a dedicated yoga and holistic dance practice (which are now baked into my business model and programs because they worked so well for me and setting up a feminine driven, yummy business that felt good to me.)

It's because I learned through trial and error, testing and failing, and eventually succeeding that I know how to set up, run, scale, and earn consistent money. And now I teach other women healers to do the same.

I've learned SO much about how to create different types of online healing businesses and make them work. The actions, strategy, program creation, and resiliency came through my process, magic, and energy.

I have a successful business (and life) because I... 1. Receive support (and continue).

2. Take serious action.

3. Choose to have a successful business that makes me consistent money by leaning into intuition, pleasure, rituals, and supporting and serving people who are ready.

In my Rebelle Mastermind, I divulge all of my secrets and hold the space for the sisterhood of women who join to craft and cultivate a successful AF business. It's totally possible to run a profitable business YOUR way that also works for YOU.

You get to be supported.

Yes, I can teach you all of these things.

Yes, you don't have to do this all alone.

Are you ready to be seen and supported in creating your profitable biz? THIS is your invitation to join me and the sisterhood in the mastermind here.

On a budget right now and want FREE support to build a magickal, healing business you love that makes you money and helps people? Work with me >>> Go here.

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