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An Open Letter to Every Healer, Psychic, & Witchy Woman Who Wants to Run Her Own Business

Dear healer in business - - - your work is tapping into your divine channel, your intuition and your heart, listening to HER and leading from center.

Your work is not "posting on social media".

Your work is in getting barefoot and running through the trees.

Your work is in your journal and re-scripting to re-pattern every small thought that comes up and tells you, “No you can't. You're not ready. You don't get to. Who do you think you are?”

Your work is figuring it out through action - not in your mind.

Action leads to confidence. Not the other way around.

Confidence is created through taking action, having courage (being full of heart), doing it messy and scared, and getting wildly supported in figuring it out again and again.

You are not alone.

You get to be wildly supported.

Part of that is learning to ask for and receive support.

And I'm here to help you make the leap to being successful in your business...

I invite you to join The Rebelle for FREE here and learn how to work with me here.

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