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Three Successful Rebelle Masterminders' Stories

My client sold $44,000 worth of working in just five months of being in the Rebelle Mastermind!

Meet Dr. Caitlin Jarvis, Doctor of Nursing Practice, who now does holistic health coaching, intuitive medical work and breathwork. She helps her clients prioritize themselves so they can prioritize their health and feel better with more pleasure and ease.

She joined because she knew she was ready for support and wanted to invest at a level that was stretchy and exciting, not jolting to her nervous system, and was creating sacred sisterhood in addition to business coaching and mentorship.

The thing that made her say yes? It was all a perfectly aligned investment and timing. She knew it was the right time, she trusted me to guide her through, and she wanted to claim her own witchy, authentic AF business with future kids, a podcast, going to Burning Man and retiring her hubs.

Caitlin was ready to commit and upgrade her consistent monthly recurring revenue. She was making money in her biz when she joined, and she wanted more. She wanted it consistent and reliable and to enjoy making it and supporting her clients.

She adored having specific, supportive strategy, mindset and action to help her through all the seasons of life and astrology and program launches.

We started with her offering a breathwork intensive so her people could have a sample of her work in the world. She sold 10! Three of those clients went on to become regular breathwork clients and one of them continued on as a holistic health coaching client. That was her first taste of doing something bite sized at a good dollar value (not just for free) and then allowing clients to invest deeper in working with her with her longer term programs.

She has adored building monthly recurring revenue as she’s starting to build a family. This month was $3,100 in recurring income and next month is already at $3500 recurring income. It’s only the end of March and she’s sold $25,000 worth of work. She has actual income coming in through next YEAR. Mind. Blown.

She’s gotten better and better at sales calls, hiring her own team support, and creating juicy AF copy that her clients understand and WORKS.

She has taken serious action and shows up, asks tons of questions, gets support and keeps going.

This is the “secret” to getting what you want in your business. Successful. Freedom. Pleasure. Play. Joy. Ease.

It comes through consistent sacred sales. Getting support. Taking action.

You don’t have to be “ready”, you just have to be willing to show up, invest in yourself and in your business, and claim your spot in the Rebelle Mastermind.

Anna Locke is a life coach for moms and women who are creative entrepreneurs and multi passionate. She supports women who want to be totally present for motherhood and create space for their own purpose driven work in the world. She believes that women get to enjoy it all (I do too). She also creates beautiful clothing and accessories and sells them on her Etsy shop!

She was following me for over a year and we had talked about working together previously! Last fall, she had just gone through a big season of life, moving from Chicago to Grand Rapids, Michigan and finding their first home while also working toward getting pregnant with their second child. It was a lot a lot.

She’s a creative entrepreneur running two businesses AND is the primary parent at home.

She told me that she felt like a strawberry suspended in jell-O salad. I can literally feel that phrase LOL.

She was clear on where she wanted to go…but felt like she couldn’t make it happen on her own and desired more support.

I invited her in, and at first, she thought she wasn’t ready. But, she decided she was all in. It was exactly six months to her due date and a six month program. She wanted support, structure and accountability to help her spend the six months in a very intentional, foundation building way.

As a coach herself, Anna knew the power of being coached in a heart centered, creative way.

It’s so unnecessarily hard and struggle-bussy to do it on our own.

She knew she wanted me to be her mentor and business coach and was attracted to the Mastermind for the sense of community and networking support with other women healers on a similar journey. She knew it was a yes.

We both agree that it is so powerful to pour into ourselves by getting supported. It’s an immediate and direct positive impact on our own clients, our work in the world and our families too.

“Tangible accountability, action steps, and strategy was key for me. I needed support helping me simplify and focus on selling one thing at a time. I wanted refinement and permission to choose and the confidence in my decisions.”

Anna felt like she had a tangible path throughout all the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. She could trust the roller coaster because she had a bigger plan, was willing to let go of the timeline, and leaned into support. She re-launched her five day Glow Up freebie for moms and went all in on selling out her one on one coaching.

She stayed in action mode instead of feeling like she needed to “create something new” and shiny to sell all the time. She nailed her weekly schedule, content creation, connection with clients and tons of non-negotiable business habits that support being a mom and primary parent.

Anna is gearing up to take maternity leave and have a solid business to come back to when she’s ready to fully dive back in.

I remember feeling that I had to push pause on my biz while I had Rowan, but, because I had consistent business mentorship support, I believed and took aligned action to do it my way and figure it out.

We get to be moms, wild women and rich witch business owners.

The Rebelle Mastermind is an incredible community of like minded women who are priestesses, healers and witchy AF. They’re all doing their business their way. It’s unique, different and a whole lot of people have told them “it can’t be done”. But, here we are. This is Rebelle Business. You get to have what you want. This gets to work for you.

Meet Monica Graves Garcia, Rebelle Mastermind Client. She’s an Ayurvedic health coach and spiritual wellness mentor. She has programs, one on one coaching and holds retreats around the world. This year, she also opened her yoga studio! She’s producing a summer solstice festival this year!

Most of my clients do in person work and online work. They enjoy the interplay of healing work online and hands on and soul connection in person. You get to do both!

Monica is very passionate and enjoys doing many things at once!

She moved back to the US in 2021 and spent most of 2022 asleep and felt like she completely lost her zest for her business.

She had worked with masculine style energy business coaches in the past, was feeling funky and disconnected, and was seeking nurturing and support and deep space holding.

She had been following me online and realized piece by piece that I was the right person to help her come back to vibrant health in her business.

I remember our conversations and hearing her expertise. She knew what “to do to make it work” for her business. But, Monica wanted it to feel GOOD and from a place of overflow and abundance and feminine ease…not over doing the structure and strategy and hustle.

She feels so nurtured in creating a successful business, with also the strategy and “get shit done” and make good money structure and attitude. For her, she wanted the structure and masculine get it done with the feminine nurturing and messy and confusion. She was able to flow and be super engaged some weeks, and implementing in other weeks, and no matter how involved or present she was she was completely nourished and supported by me as the coach and by all of the women in the group.

There are no sisterhood wounds or drama llamas in my spaces. It isn’t a thing. I don’t even consider it because, babes, we don’t have time for that ish. So, my Rebelle Mastermind never have time for that ish. We get to witness and support each other and cheer each other ON.

Everyone is celebratory and supportive! All of the women in the program are doing both online and in person healing practices and traveling to share their gifts. It’s a safe, fun and inclusive space to play with a new and different business model. Your business gets to work…for YOU.

I remember Monica’s intention of wanting to make good money and wanting it to feel oh so good.

It’s easy to just “do the thing” and make six figures. But it takes intention and heart, courage and rebellion, to do it our way and be the Rich Witch we wanna be. If you’re noticing that you’ve been doing the motions and making the money…but it’s draining your soul…this program is for you.

The Rebelle Mastermind is for you.

Our next enrollment start happens MAY 1st! Click here to catch all the details and join this season.

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