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How to be consistent when you don't feel like it

We all experience times when our energy is low or our anxiety is up, that’s part of being human.

But how do we both be human and run a business?

Consistency, it is key to our business.

So how can you be consistent in your business even when you don’t feel like it?

Here are a few things to help keep you on track.

Take advantage of the moments when your momentum is high and your motivation is there.

In those moments you can bulk create content and bank it for when things are a little tougher.

Repurposing older content is a great way to create content when you’re feeling down.

It’s okay to repost, It’s not hurting anyone and it’s not cheating.

Your people need to see the same content over and over again for it to stick. You can rewrite the same information seven times. One long content post can become a blog and an email. Then five social media posts. You can take one-sentence quotes and use color blocks to make posts on Facebook. If it was good the first time, it will continue to be good.

So how do you write the content?

You train yourself. When you sit down to write content, you write content. It’s part of training your intuition and trusting yourself. You tell yourself you are going to sit down and write for 15 minutes every Monday. Then you do it. When you feel stuck, listen to something inspirational. Go back to old content. Share an inspiring quote or message.

Let it be easy. Let everything count.

Your social media content can be pictures of your pets, walking on the beach, or hanging out with your kids. It all counts!

We created these beautiful businesses to work for us, and if it works for you it will work for your clients.

Go forth and craft some bad*ss content!

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