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On Failure

I missed a day.

I wasn't making my 366 days of Facebook Lives a priority and I totally missed a day.

Oof. Time for a soul check in.

Why am I doing this? What's my intention?

Did I fail by not showing up?

Nope. I missed a day. I didn't "fail". What is failure, anyways? I've read a lot on failure. Years back, I was feeling like I failed at my career or at my job or even my relationships.

What happened was what was supposed to be, and I can learn from it, and continue to do better.

So, what's failure?

Failure is not following your dreams. Not trusting your intuition and your gut. Failure is not taking your next breath and opting into that deep dive adventure. Failure is not going after what we desire. Failure is not trying.

I didn't "fail" my live challenge...but what if I did? OK so I failed. I'm going to show up again. I'm going to recommit to my intention.

My intention is to show up. To be visible. To present deep, authentic information and stories to people like you so that you know you don't have to work a crummy day job in order to thrive.

We were taught to go to school, graduate, get a job, hate it, and do it until we retire.

I don't buy that! I don't know if the payoff was worth the reward. My 15 years in Corporate America helped me buy multiple houses, take trips to Burning Man and other places in the world and pay off $60k in student loans. It also caused a tumor and tons of stress and anxiety in my body. It took up 40+ hours a week with 10 days of vacation a year for 15 whole years! I might have been able to do all of this in another way.

There are definitely other ways to thrive and succeed in the world. Not "finishing my career" in HR and Recruiting doesn't mean I failed. I succeeded at finally doing work I love.

You can't fail at your life as long as you're trying and breathing. You can "small f fail" in moments and in trying, but as long as you're learning, you haven't "big F failed".

When something goes sideways, make it a practice to stop, pause, and recommit to your intention. Why? Why are you doing this and why does it matter?

I'm doing a FB live challenge for a year to share my message of learning to make a plan, quit your job and do what you love! We aren't guaranteed the next breath. It's critical to do things we care about and spend time with those we adore. Otherwise, what's the point of life? We are here to learn and to play and to do better. I really enjoy listening to the Spanx founder, Sarah Blakely, when she told her story about dinner time as a kid. Her dad would ask her, "what did you fail at today?", as a way to normalize failure and learning! Whoa! How incredible would it be to grow up in a household that celebrated failure?

Failure is an important part of learning.

We only learn to do better through trial and error. Through failure. Through learning and doing something differently and improving upon the process.

Failure is part of the process of doing better. Here's to doing better at my FB Live 366 Day Challenge! You can join me by adding me as a friend right here.

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