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CTA's for Healers, Priestesses, and Witchy Woo-Woo Women

What is a CTA? It's a Call to Action.

As a business owner you should absolutely BE DIRECT with your audience. Tell them the next best step. (I have a short list of ideas for you below.)

Your people are smart. They don't always need a CTA, but you can invite them and practice being direct and to the point!


Copy my list. Steal it. Change it. Make it yours!

1. Click the link below to choose your investment option and get your bootay in here already!

2. DM me to start the conversation and see if this is right for you, right now.

3. Drop a [Emoji of your choice] and I'll get you the details!

4. Drop a glitter GIF below and I'll send you a personal invitation.

5. Want your personal invitation? Write YES below and I'll get it to your inbox!

6. Click the link below and claim your space.

7. Send me a DM and let me know you're interested.

8. Click the link to book a free chat and see if this is right for you.

9. Wanna know more? Hop into my DMs, I don't bite...unless asked.

10. Click the link for more info and to book your session this week!

Want more support to build a magickal, healing business you love that makes you money and helps people? Work with me >>> Go here.

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