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Falling in love with a purpose-driven life

I fell in love this weekend.

With so many beautiful beings and souls.

The ocean. Wild ponies. Poke bowls. Fresh shrimp. White sandy beaches. Roaring waves. Acai bowls. Dry hard kombucha beer. Ghost crabs. Sika deer. Brilliant, lovely, deep friend-family. Sun. Surf. Stars.

It was so nourishing to deepen into the Atlantic Ocean this weekend.

I fell in love with her and am trying to figure out how to make my way back already.

I'm overwhelmed and discombobulated with the times we're living in. With running a business while having a toddler, a husband, a dog, six chickens and a home I adore. I'm in love with my chaotic and beautiful life.

Every time I take a "vacation", I'm reminded of what they "used to be like" while working a 9-5 job.

Until now, I've never had more than 15 days of vacation. It sounds like a lot...but then you remember there are 365 days...and weekends are quite short when you're working M-F, 8amish to 5pmish.

It's a slice of freedom in the cage that is Corporate America. I remember planning vacations, just so I had a good goal, to make it through months of stress and anxiety and frustrating dead end projects.

Once I started going to Burning Man, I only really had one big vacation a year...because that one trip took most of my vacation time.

Vacations are so different now. I am no longer trying to escape my life and "get free" for a bit. I'm saturating into each moment, each experience, and learning how to love all pieces of my life over and over again.

I get to take small breaks, like a few days off or focusing inward or meditating and dancing on a beach. I get to take some big breaks, a week or more of time here and there. And, most of all, I get to live a well balanced life where I'm doing work I love with exceptional people and being of service to the world. I'm also taking sweet time with my toddler and puppy and husband. I'm enjoying my hammock in my backyard and long walks on the beach. I'm enjoying computer work and helping my clients figure out how to quit their own jobs and do work that is unique to them.

Now, my work and play in the world is woven into a beautiful tapestry of my own creation, and I'm so damn grateful for that.

If you're working towards making your own tapestry of freedom, joy and a purpose driven life...I've got one more space left in my 30 day program (Make a Plan - create your quitting plan so you can leave your job and do work you love) for the entire month of July.

Send me an email if you're interested in that last spot, before my prices increase on July 1st!

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