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  • Emily Otto - Corporate Rebelle

Showing Up Online, Authentically

How do you show up authentically, online?

It’s easier than you think.

The easy answer is to just be yourself and do it your way!

The problem is our mindset and that we tend to overthink the process.

There are many different types of thoughts that may pop up when you are worried about showing up as yourself.

You may wonder if people will like you? Are you being professional? Will clients still want to work with you?

But the reality is that’s how your people are going to find you.

By being 100% you and sharing all your magic your people will be able to see that your work is for them.

They’ll choose you!

That’s the amazing part about the online space. It allows us to choose to buy based on a vibe or connection that is felt. That’s how you bring in your destiny-thread, soul-aligned clients. You create a connection with them.

By showing up authentically and being yourself, you are letting your audience have a glimpse of your life. They get to see your beautiful magic at work. They’ll know that you can help them to create magic in their life.

If you are struggling to show up online, make it simple. Start by sharing bite-sized snippets from your coach. If it’s easier, share in groups you belong to. Or share on Instagram stories that disappear.

Some amazing content ideas to help you get started are to just share glimpses of your inner world. This can help bring your people closer. They may think “I want to learn from her. I want some of what she is having?”

Share about your new lip gloss that you love. Ask questions. Like is anyone else struggling to drink water? It’s tea season, what’s your favorite brand/ flavor? Don’t make it hard. Keep it simple and sweet!

The key is to show up, be authentic and connect with your people. It gets easier over time, as you practice showing up.

Just be you and do it messy!

Sharing what your love is what may be the game-changer for someone who wants to start working with you.

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