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The Universe is a Call and Respond Song

This world we’re in has some serious rules at play. Gravity. Time. The Universe as a call and respond song.

You have to sing what you want out into the world and let it get echoed back to you.

Practice faith and trust in motion.

Move forward. Do the thing. Start the work. And let the universe bring it into your full view.

I talk about this as the chicken and egg principle. Which came first? The chicken or the egg? The dream or the work? Neither, and, both. You move and the universe moves. You sing and the universe responds. It all moves in tandem. Very annoying, very true.

Have you seen this at play?

I see it all the time in my work with my amazing clients. You have to have the mindset, strategy and action to take your own work forward…and as you do that…the universe responds and rewards the action. This is what some folks call “manifestation”. You do the shifting, and the universe replies.

Let me know if you’ve seen this at play, just hit reply!

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