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You can work in your PJs if you wanna

When I first started working from home, I was stoked to get to roll outta bed and hop onto my computer. No more “dressing up for the office”, woo!

I know so many people are getting to experience the “working from home in PJs” phenomenon due to Covid-19 and Stay-at-home orders we’re under here in the States.

So, maybe you found yourself working from home, and though it’s stressful with kids and partners and your pup require pettings all the time…it’s not terrible. You get to work in your pajamas!!!

But, the PJs allure wears off pretty quickly, and other big bonuses begin to shine…like…

  • Dinner time with your family

  • Early morning snuggles with your partner and kiddos

  • Control over your work and life schedule, choosing what foods you eat and when, and your exercise and movement.

  • Breathing room between your crazy corporate job and your life

  • Zero commute time

And…you’d kinda like to keep working from home, and want to quit your day job — eventually — but you’re not quite sure what to do or where to start.

What do you do?

You can start by starting to divest from your corporate career.

Weird, right, but yeah. Maybe you, like me, still bought into the idea that you work for a company and “owe them” your loyalty and hard work. Only, the rewards and loyalty back aren’t what you thought you’d get.

Now is the time to give 75% or less effort to your day job.

What does this look like?

It looks like listening to inspiring podcasts while you do data entry. Like showing up for your Zoom calls on time, and ending them on time, cuz ain’t nobody got time for overtime pointless video meetings.

It looks like starting your day when you’re required to, and ending it when you’re required to. No extra work. No checking your emails in the off hours.

It’s not taking on additional projects because you “have time”. You don’t have time. You’re working on YOUR life and business and happiness now.

Choose to commit to yourself, and divest from your corporate job.

That’s part one! I’ll be sharing parts two and three with you over the next few days, and, I’m teaching way more about this in my one of a kind workshop this Tuesday.

Join me by registering here.

I’ve been there. I was in HR and Recruiting for 15 years and didn’t love it. When my son was born with major heart conditions and needed multiple open heart surgeries, my focus kicked into high gear, and I decided to finally quit my career and start my business.

Now, I get to work from home, on a flexible schedule, enjoying time with my family and working with clients I adore.

It’s totally possible for you to do work you love, from home, instead of a Corporate Career.

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